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The World Information
Tribal Grappler
Initial Weapon
Tiger Fist
Special Weapon
Stained Wing
Blinding Wing
Guild Member(s)
Biographical Information
Real Name
Reiko Saeki
Real Life Gender
Former CC Corp Programmer
Extra Information
Voice actor(s)
Jessica Strauss
Lisa Ann Beley
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Sanae Kobayashi
.hack//G.U. series
Be careful, there's a dangerous power hidden inside of you.
— Pi

Pi (パイ, Pai) is a system administrator for The World R:2, and an Epitaph User, being able to summon Avatar Tarvos.



Pi is a scantily clad Tribal Grappler. She has long pink hair tied into two large pigtails and wears a very revealing red outfit which snakes down her legs. She wears a small pair of glasses on her face which she frequently fiddles around with when trying to make a point. She has red tattoo with a blossom-like design on her right shoulder.


As Yata's assistant, Pi is required to follow his orders, a job she does willingly, being a consumate professional. However, unlike Yata, she has trouble seeing The World R:2 and its users in an impersonal way. She has the tendency to become attached to people and occasionally breaks the rules in order to help them out. Despite the tough personality she tries to give off, she is prone to occasional moments of weakness, especially when dealing with other people. Nevertheless she is dedicated to both her job and to Yata and does her best to follow his commands.

She is fairly close to the other members of Raven, especially Kuhn, though she insists that she only sees him as a coworker. Pi had a very strained relationship with Haseo. Though she recognizes his skill and power, she initially saw him as nothing more than a rude brat with no manners whatsoever, and considered his personality dangerous based on experiences from her own past. She and Haseo gradually built up a deeper relationship, respecting and understanding of each other, however.


Basic Info


Pi's offline self is a woman currently residing in Tokyo named Reiko Saeki (佐伯令子). She is a workaholic, loves eating out, and has a pet cat. She enjoys driving and owns a Maserati.

Saeki is the younger half-sister of a former CC Corp programmer, Jun Bansyoya. In 2016, she suddenly quit her job as a programmer to work at CC Corp.


End of The World

Reiko and her brother.

The final file on the Terminal Disc is a letter to Reiko from Jun Bansyoya, where he reveals that he's her brother, though they haven't seen each other since she was very little. He also tells her that she's a "Chosen One", and that the Epitaph PC for Tarvos is stored on his PC.


For more information, see Ender.

Reiko played as the character Ender until TaN was disbanded, and then resumed her online activties as Pi. She was then assigned by Yata to track down the remaining members of the Twilight Brigade, namely Tabby and Haseo. To help with her work she restored the account of Saburou, a player who had previously worked for her in TaN. Saburou directly interacted with the Tabby and Heaseo while Pi watched from the sidelines. However, Saburou soon realized that Pi had more power than a normal player should, and confronted her about it; angered with the evasive answers Pi provided, Saburou resigned as her assistant.

Soon afterward Tawaraya returned to The World using the character Tohta. Feeling guilty about the loss of his character, Pi contacted him, but Tohta easily saw through her disguise and recognized her as Ender. He used her to contact Yata and pulled in a favor by requesting that he delete several Real Money Trade players.

Pi was then called in to contact Kuhn, who had awoken his Avatar after coming into contact with an AIDA. She invited Kuhn to join Raven and promised to instruct him on the use of his Avatar. Realizing that there was a serious threat to The World R:2, Kuhn accepted her offer and left Canard to join up with her and Yata. The two began hunting AIDA together. However, their hunt was put on hold when Tri-Edge reappeared and attacked Haseo. Realizing that Haseo's own avatar was about to awaken, Yata began making plans to bring him into Raven as well.


Pi in Alcor.

At Yata's orders Pi finds herself busy keeping track of the Epitaph User Endrance and his progress in the Arena. Unfortunately for Pi, her partner Kuhn seems more interested in Nanase than the jobs Yata sets for him.


When Haseo is about to be PKed by Bordeaux, Pi saves him, then leaves, after commenting about a "dangerous power" in his character. She begins to resent Haseo because of how disrespectful he is to her, like calling her an "old hag." She accompanies Kuhn to train Haseo at Δ Great Cursed In-Laws. There, they share with him their knowledge of the Avatars. Although Haseo tries to summon an Avatar for a while, he is unable to do so. Pi begins to provoke him, saying he isn't worthy enough to use an Avatar, but leaves when Kuhn tells her to stop. After they return to Mac Anu and Kuhn leaves, Pi tells Haseo that she came along so both she and Kuhn would be able to stop Haseo if he lost control of his Avatar. Pi states that she and Haseo are very much alike because of their desire to control their Avatar's power.

Pi plays a major role later on as a member of G.U. and is able to summon Avatar Tarvos. During a training mission with Haseo, she ended up getting infected with an AIDA, which in turn forced Haseo into his first battle against another Avatar. Later Pi was one of the two party members to aid Haseo in fighting Azure Kite.

Pi in G.U.+

In the manga Pi is a manager in the net game The World. After Haseo is defeated by Tri-Edge she introduces herself as a member of G.U. and explains about a phenomena in the game known as AIDA. At Dead World of Indieglut Lugh Bordeaux is possessed by AIDA and Pi arrives with another member of G.U named Kuhn to intervene. After Haseo is saved, Kuhn explains that the AIDA are beings that can infect people and fuse with their minds. Kuhn also explains that the Epitaph Users are the only power capable of combating them. Following their conversation Pi introduces Kuhn as the Epitaph User known as The Propagation and the doll that saved Haseo is Kuhn's Avatar Magus. As Kuhn adds that Haseo is also an Epitaph User Haseo demands to learn how to use the Avatars. Pi begin tells Haseo to listen and do exactly as she says however Kuhn interrupts her and asks Haseo to come with him if that is what he really wants. Afterward Pi returns to the Serpent of Lore. As Haseo enters battle in the Arena Yata explains to Pi that the AIDA are interested in strong human emotions and Pi watches from the monitor as Haseo activates his Avatar Skeith for the first time in his faces off against Endrance.

Pi G.U. The Terror of Death.jpg
During the G.U. Novels inside A.D. 2017 Reiko Saeki, Pi is a system engineer investigating AIDA through her character in Project G.U. for the CC Corporation. She first appears as an individual secretly watching over the user Haseo, just after his defeat by Tri Edge, a mysterious character in the game.

But as three PK Bordeaux, Grien and Negimaru attempt to harass a now level one but formerly level one hundred thirty three Haseo Just after hisvreturns to The World inside the Eternal City of Mac Anu, Pi as a part of knowing secret circumstances surrounding Haseo himself saves both parties from interfering with each other and after resolving the situation, receiving her thanks cryptically tells Haseo about how she has been watching him for a long time, invites him to come to her headquarters where as a member of the guild Raven explains that she may be able to help him in his search for Tri Edge.

Later after giving Haseo a @Key the two meet up at Raven's @Home where Pi then leads Haseo into a Large Dark Empty Stone Room hidden inside Raven's Weapon Training Room, also known as The Serpent of Lore, where she reveals that not only has she been watching his PC from within The World, but is also aware of his personal information has been observing him for not just in general but also the last 8 months, including his battle with Tri Edge  which had cause him to fall unconscious just last night, leading her to explain that the skill that defeated Haseo is known Data Drain, a special technique  with The World beyond all reason capable of altering computer data and knocking person into a coma.

Continuing from there her explanation is then followed up by the appearance of her partner, Guild Master of Raven, who after showing Welcomes Haseo to The Serpent of Lore begins explain about the illegal phenomenon in The World known as AIDA as well revealing their monitoring of the unconscious body of Shino Nanao, and the corpse of the golden haired Harvest Cleric Shino. And after explaining about the Epitaph and Awakening makes an offer for Haseo to join them in their investigation but leaving Haseo to decline of his free will, which Pi asks Yata if he's okay with this before as a word of advice then explaining to Haseo that his PC holds a dangerous power. And after asking him  if he's ever heard of voice inside his PC, explain that they have the ability to control that power implying that by joining them he could learn to do the same.

Much later following his departure, Haseo then goes out adventuring with Atoli and Bo, at Submissive Oak's Tragedy where just as they are about to leave they are transferred to the Dead Wood Indigo Lugh, after discovering a Sign at the back of the Beast Temple. There at the Lost Ground they then see The AIDA PC Endrance and later on a dangerous AIDA Monster are however saved by Kuhn another member of Raven who then from thereon mentors and explains to Haseo more Epitaph Users, Their Avatars, and AIDA in general, as unbeknownst to Haseo, Pi and Yata continue to watch over him through Kuhn, who befriends Haseo instead.

Later on as time passes Haseo then goes on to challenge Bordeaux, the PK from before, for the right to face down Endrnace at The Demon Arena. During the event Pi finally reappears once again as she watches Haseo awaken Skeith, The Terror of Death, as well as The Dangerous Power she warned Ryou about earlier, which ends up placing Bordeaux into a temporary coma.

From there as Haseo's and Endrance's match draws near, Pi and Yata then continue their investigation back at the Serpent of Lore. Where the two then discuss how although they have no direct information of the AIDA PC and Epitaph User Endrance, reason that they must still take action, still have a chance to find out more information and continuing from there as Pi wonders if they can ask Haseo to get that information from Endrance in the Arena, Yata agrees with her idea overall coming up with the idea to use the fight  between the two Epitaph Users to draw more information out of the Endrance's Past citing how information is carried through more than just words.

Following their conversation Pi then later arrives as a spectator during The Demon Palace Title Match the next day. From there as Haseo and Endrance match begins and while Yata watches events from The Serpent of Lore Pi communicates with her boss over  private chat theorizing how AIDA seem to have interested in the heart of players and as Haseo continues to struggle against Endrance leads Pi to start to understand if this is also why it had to be at the arena, with everyone watching as at the same time in a separate yer additional private message of which Pi herself in unaware of, Yata following the same thought process as yet another overseer of the events down at the Arena Hall Ovan further elaborates how all of these emotions Hostility, Malice and Ambition ... can only improve Haseo's ability as an Epitaph User, leading Yata to question if he and Ovan have the same goals, as the moment ends with Yata stating to himself how AIDA are drawn to Epitaph And Epitaph Users are drawn to each other.

From this, back within the match Endrance along the White Cat on his shoulder Mia still holds the advantage due to Haseo's inability to strike him normally as extending from his existence as AIDA -PC and bug monster. And as Haseo continues to struggle Endrance seeking to end the situation once and for all the summons his Avatar Macha, The Temptress, to attacks Haseo directly damaging Ryou in real life via his abilities as an AIDA-PC and Epitaph User as  need  in a counter Haseo pushed to his limits also Awakens his own Avatar Skeith The Terror of Death, in response now clearer than ever before, while on the sideline Ovan, and Yata continue to indirectly privately discuss the phenomenon between themselves as everyone else also watches from afar. From there continuing their conversation Ovan then rhetorically asks Yata why CC Corp haven't done anything about Endrance so far citing how although AIDA-PC are the source of the Lost Ones, because of how  even the System Administrators cannot restrict the account of the AIDA-PC. in a sense you could say Endrance is lost and that for all intents and purposes a ghost, which as Yata verbally repeats the phrase back to himself, leads Pi to question what he is talking about as continuing from there Ovan reveals his aim is to reveal the true nature of those ghosts urging the Terror of Death to fight and show me a battle between Epitaph Users as well as the first ever fight between weapons forged from their spirits.

From there as their bout continues Endurance Cat, Mia who is also still present starts also taking an interest in Haseo's ability. Which in response this then causes Endrance to become jealous leading him to attempt to kill and stab  Haseo with his Avatar causing crimson fog to cloud the field. Which understanding how an avatar link the character and soul of the player this causes Pi fears for Ryou's safety as she watches the Adapt Rogue fight for his life as Endrance than in an attempt to end the battle launches forward using Bewitching Wind or more specifically Data Drain in an attempt to end Rypu's life, however to everyone's surprise is stopped dead in it's as via his thoughts feelings will Ryou and Haseo enter complete synchronization with one another. The player and his character united and using the same power of an Avatar that Endrance had used to attack him to counter in kind, causing Endrance to bleed and as Haseo then uses his Scythe, Skeith, to slash at his opponent once more causes both Skeith and Macha to suddenly resonate with one another generating an interesting unexpected  phenomenon, making the battlefield to disappear, and taking Haseo into a large colorless world where while Endrance is defeated in real time Haseo witnesses the appearance of an AI cat girl name Mia via the shared the memories of Kaoru Ichinose The Player under his character Elk within the first version of the game now known as The World R:1 two years ago during A.D. 2015 and current the individual behind Endrance circa A.D. 2017.</p

Where while advancing through Kaoru's memories even further Haseo/Ryou then also witnesseses the same catgirl Mia's Destruction whose character model is subsequently later ripped apart for her Factor Macha by unknown invisible force, which unbeknownst to Haseo/Ryou or Endrance/Elk had been done under the guidance of Project G.U. a secret effort responsible for the creation of the Epitaphs long ago as well its result of a younger 18 year old Kaoru Ichinose broken, sad and angry at the loss of his lover Mia in its wake, which while Pi and the other Epitaph Users continue to watch from above and as Haseo questions just what this is, a mysterious voice confirms that yes, these are indeed Endrance's Player's memories, and as the phenomenon goes on as Haseo soon finds himself in a large white space where, Ovan, who is also able to witness this starts speak down to Haseo from above thinking out loud as states how that the contact between two Avatars seems to brought the player's memories into The World as if a movie and explaining how this phenomenon, is a place where online and offline, past and present, player and player come together, player and player all come together and where something new begins to exist, and that which Ovan considers an Avatar Space, before then going on to note to more information the many other elements involved, such as AIDA being which as he explains affix themselves to the human mind. Much like a narcotic shows you what you want to see, making you dependent on them and then, in the end they take away everything, and that as a result perhaps Haseo should take a deeper look at Endrance himself as while the white room begins to disappear as Haseo is returned to where he came from.

Beyond this, sent back to the Arena Battlefield the match then resumes. And understanding a little more of what Ovan had been implyingh Haseo notes how before preparing to attack it seems as if Endrance is in a trace of kind lost within the memories of the past. Meanwhile from there after remembering some advice Ovan had once told him back in The Twilight Brigade, Haseo then looks over to Endrance's shoulders, at the mysterious White Cat that had always been there from the start revealing the truth. In reality the current Mia, the one beside Endrance right now is an AIDA, a sentient being within the game, currently infecting the blade bandier whilst masquerading his former cat love Mia within the geist of an AIDA manifestation, something which Haseo then attempt explain immediately, only for Endrance recovering from his daze to reject what he has to same recognizing that Haseo had managed to peer into his memories.

Whereafter unable to reach Endrance directly, Haseo draws Skeith attacking the AIDA instead, causing Mia to release a stream of black foam which burrows deep into Endrance into shoulder  transforming into an AIDA Monster as on the other end of the matter Haseo reaffirming his desire to save Shino, takes Mia and Endrance down just before she attacks, taking them out in a single blow as the former dissipates into several black holes and the latter to collapse alongside them, as subsequently from above Pi, thinking to herself raises the bridge of glasses, the data she and Yata were after now collected as Haseo is then declared the New Arena Champion.

Afterwards as Pi returns to The Serpent of Lore Haseo's victory is celebrated at King of Isle Hy Brasil, where once the ceremony is over as Haseo wanders around isle wharf he once again encounters his old guild leader Ovan, overseeing the aftermath of the event and whom though not by coincidence has chosen to engage a conversation with the young yet currently heartbroken Harvest Cleric Atoli, explaining to her the details of Haseo's past in The Twilight Brigade, as well as just as Haseo arrives in the middle of their talk revapes the reasons for Haseo's current distance towards her, in how she heavily resembles his ex love Shino, who had left the game and fallen into a coma, as well as how Haseo's previous disdain towards her because he had been because he was comparing Atoli to Shino, despite her deep and honest emotions for him, causing the two to get into an argument and Atoli to run away even more heartbroken than she had already been to start with, due to the latter inability to recognized Atoli for herself., instead as a clone of his lost girlfriend.


Anger at Ovan and upset after watching Atoli Haseo then attempts to confront his old guild master for the instigation he caused between the couple, but is distracted as the GM from the Arena also appears aiming to collect Haseo for the remainder of the after party , though curiously questioning what Haseo is doing out here all by himself as upon turning around Haseo would discover he and the GM are now the only ones there, leaving the multi weapon to silently endure feeling down the rest the party as well as further realizing his mistake with Atoli.

From there later on, Haseo is then approached by Kuhn stating that he'd like him to listen, at first drawing Haseo in by mentioning more about Epitaph Users, but then stating that more specifically he'd like to talk about Atoli, as suddenly before he can press any further, the two are then transported in front the Gate of Uroboros, directly inside The Serpent of Lore where both the individuals Pi alongside her Master Yata, who had been observing them along are waiting and where after watching Haseo recovering from the shock of being teleported out of nowhere, she then congratulations Kuhn for bringing him to them.

From there Pi then reveals that Kuhn is also a member of Raven, and, upon entering into conversation with their guest, explains how in reality they work for CC. Corp, the creators of The World, and that overall while they are not GMs, not user-supported GM anyway and although Haseo may still call them that if he wants, in reality Raven is a front and that they are really Team G.U. CC. Corps. anti-AIDA team, as well as among those holding deep interest within Haseo and as Yata continues, whilst bringing up the PC Body of the Black Harvest Cleric Shino, someone whom they are now due it being the right  time forcefully recruiting.

Not trusting the group and refusing to be associated with G.U. Haseo then attempts to protest their offer. However before Haseo can rebel any further, his argument is defeated as Pi questions of he's any better, opening a window to a separate display of the user Kaoru Ichiose, Endrance's player who has currently fallen into a coma right after his arena battle with Haseo as Pi points out he had turned into a Lost One, before rhetorically detailing how as a result Haseo is really not much different than Tri-Edge, and as Ryou finds himself incapable of responding that from both the standpoint of the system administrators, as well as G.U., he must be kept restrained.

Continuing to feel taken aback Haseo then asks more about Endrance.  However, just as Pi explains, nobody knows how to save him. Just like Shino Nanao. Leading Kuhn to then diplomatically continue.the conversation instead, offering Haseo a chance to work with them, combat future AIDA using his Avatar and help save every other player out there before they become victims, finally garnering Haseo agreement. Then after a question about what group are seeking from him. Yata then explains about his investigation of player character Atoli who, as Haseo is just learning, is also an Epitaph User. But as soon revealed in display of her having talked to Ovan back at The Crowning Ceremony. And subsequently after that following her argument with Haseo, although still logged, her unexpected disappearance from the system entirely. Her last location being, Morrigu Barrow. Delta Hidden Forbidden Bulwak Wall, A Lost Ground.

From there Yata then explains about his investigation of Player Character Atoli who, as Haseo is just learning, is also an Epitaph User.

Before he then also soon reveals, alongside a display of older log containing Atoli talking with Ovan back at the ceremony terrace,  that following her argument with Haseo, she then ran to the Chaos Gate where as Yata then explains she then disappears from their observation entirely, the serpent of lore unable to trace her any further and although her account is still logged into the game it would seem Atoli herself is Lost, and no longer within the regular system. Her last location being Morrigu Barrow, Delta Hidden Forbidden Bulwak Wall, a Lost Ground that Haseo and Ovan had discovered back within The Twilight Brigade, and one which as Pi then continues in Yata's place, explains how herself and Kuhn will accompany Haseo to the area. Then with some additional encouragement from Kuhn where he reveals how Pi is also an Epitaph Users, Yata uses the Serpent of Lore to then teleport the three to Morrigu Barrow directly, beyond his observations.

Once there The Three Epitaph Users then immediately discover one of Tri Edge's Signs alongside the castle wall. Then with Kuhn stating that the mark looks new and Haseo confirming that the mark wasn't back when he and Ovan first discovered it 8 months ago, Pi, thinking that it must have something to do with Atoli's Disappearance approaches to examine the mark more clearly as well, when suddenly familiar with how they operated at the Beast Temple Submissive Tragic Oak offers to take a look instead, placing his hand against the mark and activating it, transferring across an empty black void and falling into an endless white room, Outer Space, and as Pi asks where they are,and everyone looks the group see a row of Coin Locker and even further beyond that missing PC, Atoli frantically attempting to force open one of them.

Visualizing just who they had come for, this then causes Haseo to call out Atoli's name who next just as curious also asks jus5 what Haseo is doing here in response. However when Haseo inquires the same in kind, The Harvest Cleric begins to panic telling the Adept Rogue to stay back, as she had found this area with her special ability and aims to use that ability to find Tri Edge, something which as Haseo question what she wants with Tri Edge, the young maiden clearly still heartbroken from earlier state that she already told him back at the Isle of Kings, that she wants Haseo to accept her, not as a replacement for Shino but as herself, as Atoli and Player behind her, something which while Haseo doesn't understand initially after the young maiden reasserts how she wants to be more than just second or third within his heart, and that if she didn't so he would just choose someone else, as well as her earnest emotions of how she wishes she could find someone who cares for her just as much in the real world, Haseo begins to understand her, correcting her misunderstanding of worrying about what other people think of her, before then comforting her further, apologizing for his own behavior towards her as well as revealing his own insecurities stemming from his earlier defeats, his gratefulness for her and Bo never looking down on her and the true confront he feels around her, and in truth beneath the surface admitting his love back for her, something which Atoli's heart in kind. However as Atoli attempts to respond from there a strange blue irregularity suddenly her off from there drawing everyone's attention as a long lanky figure Tri Edge, the very individual the two were searching for, arrives in between them.

As Haseo immediately recognizing him as the one who caused Shino to fall into a coma, and after targeting the being to discover that its real name is actually Azure Flame Kite, he then goes on verbally challenge the cadaverous PC, asking just who or what actually Tri Edge is, and how to recover the Lost Ones, before suddenly after giving no response Tri Edge silently draws out his main weapons Three Pronged Blade. Meanwhile from there realizing the sudden danger as they currently seem to be in contact with the one who started everything. Haseo, Kuhn  and Pi then summon their Avatars, Skeith, Magus and Tarvos, The Avenger, a unique knuckle duster with spikes like beast claws.

Together the three then overwhelm Tri Edge, Haseo uses Skeith's power to attempt to finish his foe, but in damaging Azure Flame Kite with Data Drain however Kite begins to unexpectedly break apart and as hurrying from there Haseo attempts to interrogate Tri Edge even further asking how to revive The Lost Ones. Pi, as the being slowly crumbles apart, and feeling she has a duty to end the battle ends up destroying Azure Flame Kite With Tarvos instead.

From there with the situation forcefully resolved Atoli then attempts to ask what happened as well as avou5 the weapons she had just seen. However before Haseo attempts to return to his conversation to explain when suddenly behind them all the coin lockers open. Seeing an unknown shape inside. Haseo then tells Atoli to get away from there. However as the last door flies open several black arms soon to he several black hands reach out grabbing her by arms, legs and head and pulling her inside deep into the coin lockers past the other side abducting her...

Soon after the incident it is discoverd that Atoli's Avatar is stolen and Pi is taken into an AIDA Server with the rest of The World. But Reiko later escapes with everyone else using the AIDA Server Operations Folder and as time passes even schedules an appointment in Ikebukoro to meet with Ryo to discuss the condition of Atoli's player Chigusa Kasaka.

Later as Reiko becomes more immersed in the game she also begins to further investigate the Bansyoya File a special report of events surrounded written by her later brother Jun Bansyoya the fonder of Project G.U. and throughout her journey ends up visiting the translator W.B. Yates, behind the former PC Hotoko, real name Mizuhara Haruka, to learn about The Epitaph of Twilight written in her brother's report.

Following this at Raven's @Home Pi restrains Endrance as the members of G.U. attempt to review what the avatars are when Yata presents the sixth Bansyoya File.

Later within A.D. 2017 inside the Akashic Records during the events of G.U. Trilogy, Pi while secretly working alongside Genius, infiltrates and serves as a member of G.U. a guild under Yata dedicated to the investigation of the AIDA phenomenon happening within the game, once more. After observing Haseo's battle with Tri Edge, a mysterious PK thought linked to AIDA she along with the other members of the organization Yata and Kuhn introduce Haseo to the Serpent of Lore where they explain to Haseo about the existence of Epitaph Users and their ability to summon beings known Avatars, a power strong enough to combat Tri Edge.

And as Haseo willing to do whatever it takes to get this power then follows. G.U. in the inter medium Pi along with Yata observes as Haseo continues to grow as a person, as he attempt to awaken to his Epitaph while also watching as he later meets the love of his life Atoli, another unawaken epitaph user, whose existence ironically actually jeopardizes Haseo's connection to Skeith as she calms the rage in his heart norn from the loss of his previous romance Shino of whom Tri Edge is rumored to have PK'ed and worrying Pi, who is also secrectly interested in Haseo's abilities about how at this rate he may never awaken as an Epitaph User, which Yata would then correct by explaining how if that were ever possible That Man would step in instead. 

Sure enough later on sometime after Haseo gets in an argument with Atoli, the young Harvest Cleric finds her way to The Terrance at Isle of Kings Hy Brasail where she would then end up being approached by That Very Same Man, Ovan, an old friend of Haseo, whom, separate from G.U. has also been secretly watching everyone's growth as well and takes advantage of the situation.

And with Atoli looking for a way to get Haseo to look at her again, Ovan, for his own purposes tells Atoli about Haseo's previous attachments to Shino and explains that, if she wants Haseo to pay more attention to her, she can find a way to help Haseo, in an area in Outer Space, just beyond Morrigu Barrow Wall  and also causing her to also disappear from the Serpent of Lore and subsequently The World itself.

Following up on the abnormality Pi and Yata use the system to track her last whereabouts to Morrigu Barrow Wall and after confirming her disappearance from the area recruit the remaining members of G.U. to investigate.

Once there the party Pi, Kuhn, and Haseo then travel through a Sign, a type of warp gate left by the mysterious Tri Edge Haseo to The Other Side of Morrigu Barrow Wall located in Outer Space where they arrive to find Atoli attempting to open a set of coin lockers in an effort to find a way to impress Haseo, who after hearing what she has to say starts to realize Atoli's feeling for him, but before any addition conversation is made the party are instead forced into a confrontation with Azure Flame Kite also known as Tri Edge, whom suddenly appear in the area as apart of his autonomous pursuit of AIDA, and as Haseo's presence then interferences with that pursuit drags the party down into Avatar Space where Azure Knight then transforms into the Guardian Deity of Azure Flames.

Faced with his nemesis once more this causes Haseo to finally begin awakening as an Epitaph User who from there then begins to transform into his Avatar Skeith, while Pi understanding everything convinces that is about to occur convinces Kuhn and Atoli to gate back to Outer Space, for their safety.

After the battle Haseo once again reaches out to talk to Atoli however, the lockers behind her open and a series AIDA arms pierce Atoli's body instead causing her to fall in a coma. Quick to respond the party then mitigate the situation by swiftly rushing Atoli's PC back to the Serpent of Lore where with help from Yata they discover her PC data is now falling apart as a result.

Realizing that this has may cause a more devastating outcome to her player than it appears. Yata proposes Haseo connect his PC data Atoli in order to enter her mind and save her consciousness before it's too late. Haseo agrees. And from there Pi and Yata use the Serpent of Lore to connect Haseo to enter Atoli's Inner World, causing him to enter a similar stasis.

During the process however unknown individual, Ovan, begins hacking the serpent of lore and as Haseo enters deeper into Atoli's Inner World and eventually her memories, the two suddenly surrounded by several black bubbles and as Yata orders Pi to place a tracer on them, the two are then subsequently abducted by AIDA.

From there as Haseo continues to attempt to free Atoli from inside her inner world Pi and Kuhn eventually manage to track the couple PC to the Inverted City Megan Fi where unexpectedly upon their arrival  they are attacked by Ovan, the actual Tri Edge and the one controlling AIDA and are subsequently defeated.

Then much later on however after Haseo rescues from Atoli's own darkness. The two return to The World whereas Haseo emerges to find Ovan alongside the severed bodies of Pi and Kuhn and is soon to discover who after unlocking the seal on his arm PK's Atoli revealing him as the one behind everything and after allowing Haseo to wallow in his despair the leaves for to The Creator's Room as he invites Haseo to try and defeat him, whom after transforming into his B-st Form and being defeated once and returns in his Xth Form after conformed by Atoli's Spirit from inside his own Inner World and engages his opponent in one final battle, each activating their respective Avatar's as well and ending with Ovan guiding Haseo into activating The Rebirth, which he uses to reset the network, returning all the Lost Ones, including Shino, Pi, Kuhn, Atoli and, his little sister Ain with which as Ovan explains to he had manipulated everyone in order to save, before ultimately falling into a coma himself and being subsequently warped back to Megan Fi with everyone else.

However, with Ovan's Marty this leads Haseo grieve his lost instead, leaving Atoli who has recovered from her status as a Lost One to activate her Avatar Innis and giving Haseo Wing's to go and recover Ovan's PC.

Haseo dives into Center of the System and after brief struggle with the consciousness, spirit of The World Aura, Haseo manages to pull Ovan from his self guilt saving him falling in coma as well placing an end to the situation with months later after Haseo reconciles his relationship with Shino and decides to  continue his romantic relationship Atoli instead and Ovan reunites with Aina in Flowery Field somewhere in game.

Finally beyond that with the incident now pass then, everything ends as it secretly began. Pi now reappearing at her computer as her offline persona Reiko Saeki finishes her report with unknown individual, Genius, President of CC Corp, aka Durga Fida Sharma and her employer with whom Reiko Saeki of The Akashic Records had been closely monitoring the situation as thus far, and after Genius going on to surmise/guesses that the will of heaven, the general outcome of the timeline, cannot be really denied, before then instructing Reiko, as she places down a special VR Scanner to pass the bar to, the ferrymen, Schicksal, an organization of hackers partially responsible for the deviation of the record in the first place, whom from that point there on move into their remaining plans to capture the current Aura of their own world circa A.D. 2019 - 2020, while Pi, within a different location within the Akasha Board would then thereon continue to work under Genius thereafter, and leading into the events of A.D. 2020.:

Reiko (Pi): "The menace has been dealt with. The situation is as predicted." ???: "I suppose it's not possible to resist the will of Heaven." ??? : "What are the people of Schicksal up to?" Reiko (Pi): "They have already moved on to the next phase." ???: "Give the oar to the ferryman." Reiko (Pi): "I'll do as you say."

???: "Gather at Acheron, oh, Prisoners of Charon."

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Pi is a Tribal Grappler, a very offensive class focused on lightning fast attacks through punches and kicks. They often feature Arts that deal multiple hits, which builds up Rengeki very fast.

Being an Epitaph User, Pi can acquire a Lost Weapon during Volume 2 by collecting Adler's Keys: a rare pair of Gauntlets called "Stained Wing" (which is renamed to "Blinding Wing" once evolved to its final form), which adds Paralysis to normal attacks and increases critical hit damage by 25%.

Stat-wise, Pi has average attributes which are compensated by her very fast attack speed, which allows her to pressure her opponents at ease. However, she has the lowest magic defense in the game (tied with Tabby).



  • The Gauntlets Pi starts out with are the Tiger Fist, a rare set of Gauntlets.
  • Pi's name comes from the number π, which she believes represents herself: an indivisible and unbreakable woman.
  • Pi's Japanese voice actress, Sanae Kobayashi, also does the voice of Mai Minase from .hack//Liminality.
  • Pi's name was originally written as "Pai" in Japanese sources.
  • Pi is 5'9" (175 cm) in height. According to Reiko, her measurements are 37-22-33.
  • In the .hack//G.U. Prototype Trailer, early concept sketches had her being a Twin Blade, as well as wearing a less revealing attire.
  • One of Pi's earlier concept sketches was later used in the G.U. games as one of the minor PCs Haseo can interact with.

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