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Character Profile
Name Peaco
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Twin Blade
Guild Canard
Name Chigusa Kusaka
Age 16
Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//4koma

"Would you say that Haseo-san goes for energetic girls?"
— Peaco —

Peaco (ピコ) is a character in .hack//4koma. She is controlled by the same player behind Atoli.



Peaco wears a black ninja-style outfit and a black headband. Her hairstyle is similar to Atoli, only slightly longer all around.


Peaco is endlessly energetic. She is said to have adopted a strange way of talking (the Tokyopop translation uses some val-speak). However, since her ultimate goal is to get closer to Haseo, she is murderously possessive of him.


See also Atoli.

Peaco's player is a 16-year-old girl named Chigusa Kusaka. She lives in the Chiba prefecture.


.hack//4koma: Peaco's Story

After the third network crisis Atoli soon enters a relationship with Haseo. However over time her clingy personality she becomes too much handle and Haseo begins avoiding her. Believing that she repulses Haseo to no end, she turns to an Pi for relationship help. Even though Pi declines. It isn't until Atoli takes out a box cutter to cut her wrist that Pi agrees to help. Pi tells Atoli that she has to "change on a fundamental level", though Atoli takes this the wrong way and instead makes a new character, Peaco.

Later at Canard, Alkaid is complaining to Silabus that she cannot get near Haseo with the new guild-member Peaco around. As Peaco and Haseo walk in they scare Alkaid off and leave for a beginners' field in Delta Server. Nevertheless when Haseo claims the field his favorite area Peaco becomes sad and runs to Pi when she realizes the field that Haseo took her to is the same place he got mad at Atoli for liking. Pi tells her that Haseo had grown up since then and that she should do the same. Empowered, Peaco rushes to the field that Haseo is training at. Ignoring warnings that it is far too dangerous, Peaco is attacked by a monster when Haseo steps and yells Atoli but Peaco knocks it out in a comedic fashion while Haseo stands there and wonders why he bothered getting into a cool pose. Peaco then attempts to confess her feelings, but Haseo explains that he knew who she was all along and that it doesn't matter what Atoli looks like because she, Chigusa, and Peaco are all the same person and that he appreciates her company no matter how she may appear.


  • Her name is derived from Peacock, a type of bird.