"We will heal those who were hurt in battle!"
— Paw Pad Squadron —

Paw Pad Squadron (肉球団) was a guild created by Tabby and Sakisaka after they left their old guild Twilight Brigade. However, Sakisaka left the game shortly after the Guild's creation leaving Tabby as the leader and sole member of it. She once tried to disband the guild but was stopped by Phyllo who said she might find a use for it in the future.

Later, after some encouragement from Tohta she decided to use the Guild to help all players in The World, especially those who had been attacked by PKers. Seeing it as a noble cause, her friend Seisaku decided to help her and joined the Guild, switching from his old Blade Brandier to a new Harvest Cleric. He also got his friend Hideyo to join the guild as well. However the Guild began to encounter problems when Tabby decided to use it to help out Haseo. After being rebuked by Haseo for their aid Seisaku and Hideyo decided that they didn't want anything to do with such an unfriendly player. They both left the Guild and founded a new one called Medic Union with Seisaku as Guildmaster. Seisaku, still attached to Tabby tried to convince her to forget Haseo and stay with them. To his surprise she refused his offer, having realized that she was the only one who could support Haseo.


Ex Members


  • Due to the spelling of the name, Paw Pad Squadron has been mistranslated by several fansubbers as "Meatball Brigade".
  • Tabby named it "Paw Pad Squadron" after the soft spot on dog and cat paws.