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For information on the event known as Painful Forest in Japanese, please see Forest of Pain.
"I guess it's not just an area you go to for fun."

Painful Forest is the seventeenth episode of .hack//Roots.


Tabby, still worried about Haseo, also joins the Forest of Pain event, where she meets, and becomes friends with Saburou. Yata and Pi try to figure out if Phyllo's close relationship with Ovan is because he is the only survivor of a Tri-Edge encounter. Taihaku and Haseo are participating in the Forest of Pain event. Pi tells Subaro to make contact with Haseo in the Forest and see what he does in there. Ovan fights 'Tri-Edge'. Taihaku gets to the end of the Forest of Pain and Tabby decides to retire from the quest and that she will wait for Haseo to come back on his own.