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"Try to exceed me."
— Ovan —

Character Profile
Name Ovan
Gender Male
Occupation Steam Gunner
Ultimate Skill Corbenik The Rebirth
First Appearance .hack//G.U.


Basic Info


Kakeru Tanaka

Kakeru Tanaka (田中翔) is a very serious person and prefers playing in a secluded spot under a tree near a riverbank because he hates going home whenever his parents are around. Tanaka is responsible for introducing Sora to The World. Tanaka becomes a Lost One, but later it is discovered that he possesses abilities unique among players of Versus The World. He was able to resist being Real digitalized by the game, exhibiting powers somewhat opposite to a Doubleware, while displaying the same crest. When the chip containing Aura is lost in America, Tanaka has dreams that lead him to it. The full extent of his inherent abilites are unknown.



Game Wallpaper

A video showing some of Ovan's Skills