Geist, Jyotaro Amagi, and Klarinette

Outer Dependency Syndrome (認知外依存症【にんちがいいぞんしょう】) a dangerous disease and type of signal deterioration that occurrs in humans who undergo Real Digitalization or a prolong exposure to a digital environment for long periods of time. End results include a severe personality collapse with symptoms such as heavy headache, dizziness and eventual falling into a catatonic state.  Additionally over time giant growths and mutation may occur with the users form before their mind ultimately disperse into the net. Both Jyotarou Amagi and Harald Hoerwick suffer from this same disease. while Doubleware such Tokio Kuryuu remain only mostly unaffected, though still suffering minor issues such as a lose of a sense of time. Falling the events of 2020, Jyotarou Amagi was rescued ending up in a coma.

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