AIDA<Oswald> is a spider-like type of AIDA that infected Bordeaux.


  • Archene Shot: Oswald shoots a focused spray of webbing at its target, can be dodged or slashed.
  • Kobold Bullet: Oswald releases several energy bullets that slowly hover towards the target. These bullets can be repelled by physical attacks.
  • Arachno Trap: Oswald shoots several streams of webbing that move vertically across the screen. If the target fails to dodge the attack it will become trapped in the webbing, allowing Oswald to hit it with several powerful attacks.


GU Games


Bordeaux infected with AIDA<Oswald>

Bordeaux was infected by Oswald after she got trapped on the AIDA Server during the AIDA Server Incident. Recognizing the power she wielded, Sakaki convinced her to enter the Holy Palace Tournament, planning on using her powers to take out Haseo once and for all. Using Oswald, Bordeaux was able to easily advance to the final round of the Tournament, where she was scheduled to fight against Haseo. Shortly before the fight, Bordeaux lured Alkaid to the Coite-Bodher Battlefield, where she PKed her. Due to Oswald's power, Alkaid was turned into a Lost One.

During the fight Bordeaux called out Oswald, and used its power to trap Haseo. However before she could finish him off, Endrance appeared and used his abilities as an Epitaph User to free Haseo. Furious, Bordeaux let Oswald take complete control, forcing Haseo to summon Skeith to combat it. Though Oswald's spiderlike attacks proved difficult for Haseo, he was eventually able to destroy it, freeing Bordeaux from its influence and knocking her temporarily unconscious in the real world.

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