"Hmm, I guess we'll just have to show them the price for defying us."
— Ochi —

Ochi (オチ) is the leader of an illegal Real Money Trading business in The World R:2.



Ochi is a wiry man with blonde hair. He wears a tight fitting grey outfit, and has a green snakelike wave tattoo on the left side of his face. When fighting he wields a short clublike staff.


A shrewd and calculating person, Ochi knows how to control the economy of The World from behind the scenes. He uses his vast network of contacts and employees to manipulate things to his advantage without them ever being traced to him. He is aware of the threat other merchants pose to his business, and is not afraid to use lies or violence to force competitors out of business for good. He always forming new business strategies and almost always has several backup plans prepared in case something should go wrong.


Basic Info

Nothing is known about Ochi in the real world.



After TaN was disbanded the player economy of "The World" went into a recession. Ochi took advantage of the changing market to create a real money trading business, a group that sold gold and items in "The World" in exchange for money in the real world. Using a large network of hired players Ochi soon gained almost complete control of "The World's" economy, and began forcing regular players like Pilocchio and Ita out of business.

When Tohta returned to "The World" he quickly saw how bad the situation had become. He pulled in a favor with Yata and lured Ochi and his employees into a trap, where he managed to get him to reveal the nature of his business. His confession now on the game's chat logs, Yata was able to suspend the account of Ochi and all of his workers, effectively destroying his business and restoring balance to "The World."

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