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Character Profile
Name Ninjato
Gender Male
Race Human
Class ??
Guild ??
Personal Data
Name Hiroto Niizato
Age 42
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

The Nizato Shopkeeper (ニイザト店長,) is the manager of a game store that Tokio frequents.




Ninjato (忍者刀) is a masked avatar dressed like a ninja. He has bunny ears, keeps a camera around his neck and wears a doll of a shrine maiden holding a weapon on his back. During the .hack//Link game he appears as a beast character.



Niizato Hiroto (新里裕人) is the friend and manager of a game store Tokio frequently visits. He has been has been an active player since The World R:1 and has screen shots from (Kite, Haseo, Subaru and the Crimson Knights, etc.) in his shop. He is much older than he appears.


Basic Info





Online the shopkeeper appears as a beast type PC. He makes a cameo near the end of the game.

.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

Shortly after running into Tokio in game, Tokio's mother enters his store, where he explains Tokio's situation to her. In response, she announces that she'll buy the game, and asks how to play it.


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