"(We) filled these songs full of the blood, tears, and sweat of the past 7 years."
— Usagimaru —
"Keep talking like that and it'll be another 7 years before we sell any!"
— Rei-chan —

New Creatures is a popular comic duo, Usagimaru and Rei-chan, which currently makes many television and live appearances and is known for their catchphrase "Thaaaat's lousy."


New Creatures, Usagimaru and Rei-chan

The popular duo debuted in 2010, performing mostly in local television and radio programs in western Japan. Their first big break came in 2013 when they made an appearance in the film Fierce Instigators. They were soon hired and moved to Tokyo, only to learn that the agency that hired them went out of business. They were quickly picked up by New Enterprises, but they still struggled, performing by day and working at part-time jobs at night. It was in 2015 where they got their second big break when they were called in as replacements for a celebrity baseball team and proved to be surprisingly popular.


New Creatures has spots in at least 8 television shows, and they perform live and on DVD. They recently released a CD single for their song "Frogs go Home," the popular theme song for the anime "Frog Currents."

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