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See the article Net Slum for information on the original Net Slum.

Net Slum Tartarga

Net Slum Tartarga is a version of Net Slum featured in the .hack//G.U. Games. It appears much like the Net Slum from the original .hack//Games, but it rests upon the back of Tartarga, who is now a giant turtle, much like his counterpart in the Epitaph of the Twilight. Net Slum Tartarga is overseen by Zelkova, who refers to it as something like his hometown. It also features a Chaos Gate from which all the areas of The World R:2 can be accessed. This feature requires the player to switch servers from within the Chaos Gate's menus. There is a time delay whilest doing so, implying that Tartarga must physically move to that server's location.


G.U. Games

In Volume 3, after Corbenik's explosion damages Haseo's PC, Tartarga flies overhead to rescue his dying PC body. Here, Haseo becomes one with his Epitaph to unlock his Xth Form. Later, when the Root Towns threaten to collapse under the power of Cubia, Yata moves the Serpent of Lore to the Bridge of Net Slum Tartarga and Zelkova moves Canard's @HOME to the Net Slum Tartarga. Shop Acorn still manages to sell items.

Before the events of Volume 4, Zelkova seals Skeith from Haseo, removing it from his PC, since he believes it is too dangerous to leave Skeith with the power of all the Epitaphs, stating this could cause Cubia to return. Three months later, the Net Slum is attacked by a mysterious monster known as Shadow Vegalta, which seeks to consume anything that is outside of the game specs. The monster attacked Zelkova in the Net Slum Tartarga, swallowing him and slowly consuming his data. Zelkova is eventually rescued, and helps Haseo by giving him back Skeith, this time successfully imbuing his PC with the power of all the Epitaphs, giving birth to his 5th Form.

After the events of Reconnection, Zelkova explains that the program that gave birth to the Netslum was originally created by a lone super-hacker, and that it has been present in every version of "The World".



  • The only dog known in Netslum is ClooFooFoo
  • After finishing the game, you can re-do the past Avatar Battles by visiting the Bridge of the Tartaga, in which victory will reward you with GPs and Wallpapers
  • The residents share the same quote: "I think, therefore I am"
  • Net Slum Tartarga is much more functional compared to the previous games. During the war against Cubia, Tartarga moves through the Net to confront Cubia. Net Slum can't be invaded by viruses or other enemies, in addition, of protect to players who enter The World, preventing them remain in a coma due to the influence of Cubia.