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Real Life Gender=Female|
Real Life Gender=Female|
First Appearance=[[At Walking Distance|.hack//G.U.:At Walking Distance]]|
First Appearance=[[At Walking Distance|.hack//G.U.:At Walking Distance]]|
Age In First Appearance=21-22|
Age In First Appearance=22|
English Voice Actor=??|
English Voice Actor=??|
Japanese Voice Actor=Maaya Sakamoto| }}
Japanese Voice Actor=Maaya Sakamoto| }}

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Natsume (なつめ) is a character that is introduced in .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: At Walking Distance.



Natsume is very similar in appearance to the Natsume from Project .hack; they both have green hair, wear a blue one-piece outfit, and have permanently shut eyes. However, Natsume's outfit is slightly more revealing, and her hair appears to be slightly longer and combed down compared to the original.


Natsume has two split personalities. One of them is innocent and much like the one seen in the original .hack games. The other personality is more violent and enjoys PKing. Natsume doesn't know the existence of her other self at all, which is why she finds it odd that she has items she doesn't remember getting. All this time Natsume has been looking for Tri-Edge, which in her mind is the Spiral Edge from R:1.


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Natsume appears in Volume 3 as the eighth Chaotic PK and is intent on hunting down Tri-Edge due to confusing his name with the Spiral Edge. She joins Haseo's party upon being defeated, immediately recognizing Piros the 3rd as Piros from R:1.


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