Character Profile
Name NA
Gender NA
Class NA
Media Information
Japanese Voice ??
English Voice ??
First Appearance .hack//Another Birth
Name Natori
Age 17-18
Gender Female

"I'm sure it's no coincidence that you got picked, when your dad happens to be a teacher."
— Natori —

Natori (名取) is an upperclassmen and a member of Asahi Senior High's Tennis Club.


.hack//Another Birth

Prior to the events in Another Birth, Natori befriended Akira Hayami and mentored her when Akira first joined the tennis club.

Natori was the ringleader of a group of upperclassmen (with Igarashi and Kobayakawa) who began bullying Akira Hayami and her friends after Akira was chosen as first string on the tennis team even though she was a freshmen. Though the other girls grew concerned when her actions began growing more and more violent the issue was quickly resolved after Akira became aware of her role and confronted her directly. Koura the Tennis Team Captain witnessed their argument and stepped in, ending her bullying for good. Some time after making up with Akira, the redeemed Natori beats her in a tennis match to earn a starter spot in the tennis club.