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"I got the information you wanted but... it may be difficult."
— Nasubi —

Nasubi (なすび) is a character that appears in .hack//Roots.



Nasubi is a somewhat monkey-like beast person with tiny sunglasses.



Basic Info

Offline, Nasubi is a rounin (a student studying to retake college entrance exams). He also has a part-time job.



Nasubi is Gord's primary information source.


Nasubi was a close contact of Gord. Acting as a freelance information trader he kept Gord informed about most dealings that went on in The World R:2. When Gord was searching for Virus Cores Nasubi was able to track one down to a member of Kestrel named Bordeaux. Though his prices were high he was the closest thing Gord had to a friend in the game.

When Gord finally decided to quit The World, he asked Nasubi to tell all of his friends the news.


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