Character Profile
Name Naobi
Gender Male
Race Ya Tribe
Class Macabre Dancer
Guild TaN
Name Takumi Hino
Age 17
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor Paul Dobsen
Character Voice Takumi Yamazaki
First Appearance .hack//Roots

"Do not fail me, you only get one chance."
— Naobi —

Naobi (直毘) is a male Macabre Dancer from .hack//Roots, and guildmaster of the Guild TaN.



He is a hulking Ya Tribe Beast PC, though exactly which animal he is disputed, most likely a panther due to his face and eyes. He is always wrapped deep within his robes and his ears are always covered by his hat. The only visible part of Naobi is his piercing calculating eyes.


He acts very wise, always scheming and a grand manipulator. He respects others' abilities, but will exploit their abilities until he has no more use for them.


Basic Info

Offline, Naobi's player is actually a system administrator working for CC Corp and the same player as Wiseman, Nala, and Yata. He was recruited to solve the AIDA problem based on his skill as a normal player, information trader, and occasional hacker.



Naobi's role in Roots is small at best. He is the guildmaster of TaN, a guild that deals in dirty trades and a vast information network. Naobi is apparently not very active with the character, delegating most business to Tawaraya. He is mostly behind the scenes, setting up the grand scheme to trap Ovan in The World R:2. This plan is so elaborate that he even goes as far as setting up a false "twilight" for Ovan. His plan succeeds and Ovan is captured by TaN for the purpose of analyzing the blackbox data on Ovan's left arm. Naobi speaks with Ovan almost brother to brother like. This relationship though has yet to be explained.

Shino with Ovan's information, single-handedly brought down TaN and many of their highest members including Naobi; it is hinted that Naobi abandoned his body and once again became Yata.


  • Naobi's name comes from a sort of spirit of restoration in Japanese mythology. It's possible he chose this name because he was trying to "set things right".