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"Let's just say I'm somebody with the same goals as you, Master Haseo."
— Nala —

Nala (楢, Nara, lit. "Oak") is the Captain of Moon Tree's Fourth Division.



Nala has the appearance of an elderly man of good physical strength. His is dressed in a long green tunic with the typical Moon Tree diamonds symbol. His legs are partially covered in metal armor and his left arm has a long, segmented metal Vambrace/Rerebrace. His hair is white and partially grey and is combed back except for 2 spikes are the front which resemble horns.


Nala is wise and helpful, believing in whatever is best for the game. Unlike the other members of the seven council, Nala remains neutral on the guild conflict until Sakaki took action.


Basic Info

Offline, Nala's player is actually a system administrator working for CC Corp.


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Nala is part of the Seven Counsel of Moon Tree, the captain of unit four, and often gives Haseo information and other help, seemingly betraying his own interests. Haseo eventually discovers that he is in fact Yata in disguise, though Moon Tree's Guildmaster, Zelkova, had somehow been aware of this the entire time.

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Early Design of Nala
  • Nala's Holy Palace arena team is named GINZA.
  • Nala (Sanskrit: नल) is a character in Hindu mythology. He was the husband of Damayanti and their story is told in the Mahabharata. Nala was known for his skill with horses and culinary expertise. His main weakness was gambling. He was possessed by the demon Kali.

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