Character Profile
Gender Male
Class Heavy Blade
Media Information
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//INFECTION
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Age ?
Gender ?

"Don't feel nervous. We just want you to get used to The World quickly so you can enjoy it."
— NOVA —

NOVA was the first character that a newbie BlackRose ran into when playing The World.



NOVA has long brown hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a samurai-style blue and yellow robe with light armor worn over it.


NOVA is a fairly experienced player. He knows a lot about what is going on inside the game, although he lacks any real info on the things happening behind the scenes.



Aside from playing The World, he is also a giant anime fan and is learning how to speak English. When dealing with annoying people, he will occasionally insult them in English while pretending to "try out his accent."


.hack//Another Birth

Seeing BlackRose struggling with the controls, NOVA and his partner Chimney taught her the basics of the game, and were the first people to exchange Member Addresses with her. He would group with her several times as she gained experience inside the game.

NOVA forms a party with BlackRose and Chimney to see Gardenia at Δ Soft Solitary Tri Pansy. After returning from the field, NOVA tries to stop BlackRose from meeting Mia, telling her not to get involved with hackers. BlackRose ignores his advice and talks with her, but at this point Mia has forgotten who BlackRose is and attacks her. NOVA steps in and intercepts Mia's hand, but BlackRose defuses the situation.

Later, NOVA and Chimney get into an argument over whether they should distance themselves from The World because of the rumors surrounding it. NOVA is fine with still playing but wants to avoid dangerous areas, while Chimney actively searches out dangerous areas. When NOVA notices Tarou warp back in the root town alone after he went into a field with Chimney and BlackRose, NOVA finds out about their encounter with a Data Bug and goes in to help. He stalls the Data Bug and allows BlackRose and Chimney to escape before he makes his own escape. Because of this event and the previous encounter with Mia, NOVA begins to suspect that BlackRose is not a normal player.

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  • NOVA is one of the PCs that wanders around the Root Towns in the original game series.
  • In .hack//G.U. Rebirth, NOVA makes a brief appearance before Haseo leaves with Asta and IYOTEN; although he makes no other appearance afterwards, his name shows up in bike mission three's ranking.