"That Grunty isn't in any of the guidebooks, that thing could destabilize the entire system!"
— Kamui —

The Longhorn Grunty (ロングホーン) is a unique Grunty that was created by Zefie to help out Shugo. She created it by altering the data of the Baby Grunty that belonged to Hotaru. The Longhorn Grunty has the ability to speak, fly, and also posseses a nearly impenetrable hide, not even Kamui's Spear of Wotan was able to pierce through its wings. However the change was not permanent and Longhorn Grunty soon returned to his original state as a Baby Grunty. It wears what appears to be a wrestler's mask and has wood-like horns and a tail.


  • The only known Longhorn Grunty was the one found in Legend of the Twilight. Which is not surprising, considering it appears to have been one of Zefie's original creations.
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