Hotaru's Grunty is a Baby Grunty owned by Hotaru. It was found by her after its original owner abandoned it when it became sick. Shugo and Hotaru managed to find a cure for it, and as a result it became permanently attached to them. Grunty spends most of his time on Hotaru's head, and is known for his insatiable appetite. When Shugo found himself hunted by Kamui and the Cobalt Knights, Zefie used her powers to turn Grunty into a unique Longhorn Grunty capable of flying away. However the effect was temporary, and Grunty returned to his normal state shortly afterwards.


  • In the Legend of the Twilight Anime, Grunty's original owner was Puchi. He also transformed into a winged grunty instead of a Longhorn Grunty after Shugo Data Drained him.
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