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Character Profile
Name Morti
Gender Female
Class AI
Media Information
Japanese Voice Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice ?
First Appearance .hack//Legend of the Twilight
Name N/A
Age N/A
Gender N/A

"With transcendence, comes understanding. I wish to understand death, that is my only goal."
— Morti —

Morti is a Vagrant AI within The World. She has near God-like powers over the areas around her current location, but unlike Aura or Morganna she is not tied into the system as a whole. It is likely that she was created from leftover fragments of Morganna's data.



Morti's appearance is very similar to that of Aura's. A young girl dressed in a white dress. Her most distinctive feature is her face. The right side of her face appears relatively normal, but the left side is composed of damaged data. The colors of her eyes change when she is manipulating data within the system.


Morti is obsessed with the concept of death, a trait that caused her to become friends with Michi and her hacker friends. Her goal is to create true death within The World, and kill off every PC in the game, as well as destroy Aura.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (anime)

Morti doesn't reveal herself until the final episodes of the Legend of the Twilight anime. Though she communicates with the hacker children through mail. She is summoned by Michi when the hackers are attacked by Shugo's party and the Cobalt Knights. Using her power she destroys the hackers unbeatable monsters, destroys the field they were fighting on, and data drains everybody present with the exception of Michi, Shugo's party, and Kamui. She later confronts Shugo and his friends in the unfinished Root Town Naval Monte. She plays with them a little bit before revealing her true plan, to destroy Aura by infecting her with a virus using Rena's data. Using the power of the Twilight Bracelet Shugo succeeds in rescuing Rena, and launches an attack against Morti. Michi jumps in front of her in an attempt to save her, but Morti turns around and takes the blow instead, allowing herself to be deleted, and thereby finding the death that she wished for. Her death starts a program that would result in the destruction of all of The World's servers, but Shugo and Rena are able to stop it by activating a program hidden inside of their characters by Aura.


  • Since Morti only appears in the Anime version of LotT, she isn't a canon character.
  • Morti bears a bit of a resembelance to Tri-Edge, as both are composed of damaged data fragments.