Character Profile
Name Moonstone
Gender Male
Class Twin Blade
Japanese Voice Yasunori Masutani
English Voice Lex Lang
First Appearance .hack//Mutation
Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male

Moonstone is a Twin Blade who joins the party in.hack//Mutation. He is obsessed with becoming stronger in both The World and in real life.




Moonstone had light blue hair and an orange-red headband covering his eyes. Behind the hair covering his face, and under his headband, there is a purple tatoo stretching diagonally across his face. He wears red shoulder pads, but no shirt. He has black pants with the knees cut open. He wears sandals on both feet, but his right foot is completely tatooed purple.


Moonstone is a Twin Blade, just like Kite. This means he can unleash weaker, but faster physical attacks, as we as do a moderate amount of magical damage.


Moonstone is the strong silent type to an extreme degree. When he does speak in a complete sentence, it'll be short.

In the Story

Moonstone does not play a significant roel in the story. Instead, his story takes place in the sidequests that he is involved in. Moonstone joins the party in a strange way. While going to different fields to meet Nuke, Rachel, and Marlo, Kite encounters Moonstone in all three dungeons, at ehich point Moonstone would disappear. After see ing him three times, Moonstone sent an email to Kite containing a field name and his Member Address. After teaming up with Moonstone and going to the field, Kite found out it was Moonstone's intention to eliminate every single monster in the dungeon.

Later, he invites Kite along to help him retrieve an item called the Moon Knife from a dungeon. Then he invites Kite to a field supposedly to level up. Once there, they meet a girl named Aquamarine in the dungeon. She wants something from the bottom floor, and Moonstone gets Kite to help him get it for her. Once they've given the item to Aquamarine and she leaves, Kite hints at Moonstone's infatuation with her. In return for his silence on the matter, Moonstone gives Kite a Twin Blade weapon called "Prepare to Die".

Like everyone else, Moonstone was present for the final battle with Morganna.


Basic Info

Moonstone works out and trains constantly. He doesn't specify why. Perhaps he is a personal trainer at a gym, or a prfessional body builder. The reasons for his intense training are never made clear. In his emails, Moonstone mentions encountering a puppy that begins to follow him while he jogs. At first, he calls it annoying, but eventually becomes attached to the dog, and starts worrying when he doesn't see it. In the end, he locates the dog's owner, and changes his jogging route to see the puppy everyday.


Moonstone's daily schedule:

  • Morning:
    • Level up in The World for 2 hours
    • Jog around for 30 minutes
    • Shower
    • Breakfast
  • Noon
    • Lunch Break
    • 50 push-ups
    • 50 sit-ups
    • 50 back stretch
    • 50 squats
    • Protein Drink
  • Night
    • 1000 jump-rope
    • Dinener, mainly tofu
    • 50 10kg bench press
    • 50 squats
    • Shower
    • Sleep
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