Mimiru (ミミル, Mimiru) is a character in .hack//Link.




She appears much the same as she did in .hack//Sign, with the only major differences being the addition of ponytail and more armor on her boots.

Xth Form

In Mimiru's Xth Form, she gains two ribbons that resemble pink rabbit ears. Her outfit is much less revealing than her original form with the inclusion of a small plain black dress and white sleeves. Many pieces of her armor and clothing are now pink. This includes her collar, the now-curved elbow guards, and part of the armor by her hips. There are also pink straps that keep the armor in place, as well as swapping out her black and white shoes with dark red and pink armor that goes up to her knees. Her sword is now bisected, and part of the blade is colored pink so that it also resembles rabbit ears. The sword now has a large pink layered hilt, and the handle is now black with a pink circlet floating around the bottom.


Basic Info




She met Tokio during the beginning of the game and became best friends ever since. Mimiru and Tokio work very well together and are compared to Kite and Black Rose.

Her Cross Rengeki consists of her throwing Tokio and then attacking the monster with her large sword.


  • The fact that Mimiru's Xth form appears to be based on a rabbit may be due to the fact that "mimi" literally means ear in Japanese. Also, this outfit was probably used to distance her design from BlackRose.


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