"The net is the same as the real world! There are certain rules you have to observe when dealing with people!"
— Mimiru —

Mimiru (ミミル) is a female Heavy Blade and a main character in .hack//SIGN. She is the first character to find Tsukasa after he wakes up in the Dungeon, and ever since then, she tries to contact him, although when she finds him she usually ends up arguing with him. She is also seen spending a lot of time with Bear trying to solve the mystery of Tsukasa's inability to log out.



Mimiru's first character.


Mimiru is a rather scantily dressed Heavy Blade. She appears as a teenage girl dressed in an armored bikini top, and a short skirt, with large greaves on her legs. Her wave symbol is tattooed onto her body. She appears very similar to BlackRose and seems to have a bit of a friendly rivalry with her over their common look.


She plays out her character as a "devil may care" "ready for anything" persona. She appears to be reserved, which may be why she traveled solo when she first began her character Mimiru. She appears to be attracted to the unknown and those who push her away, which is why she first seeks the Wavemaster Tsukasa. She is very friendly and helpful to those who have won her friendship, and can often be found with Bear who acts as a sort of mentor to her.



Mimiru in the real world.

Basic Info

In the real world Mimiru is a high schooler. Relatively little is known about her, though she seems to live fairly close to Tokyo, due to her extensive knowledge of Tokyo's shopping districts. Her dad works in semi-conductors. He seems to be very serious about his job and is constantly motivating his team. He once invited her to come with him for a "Take your daughter to work day", she was embarrased to hear him loudly ask his team who the best "etcher" on the team was, misunderstanding his word as "ecchi" (pervert).



During Intermezzo, Mimiru brings Bear to a newly reopened Dungeon that randomly generated Monsters. She explains to Bear as they walk to the bottom of the dungeon about her first character.

When she was first in The World, she partnered with a fellow whom seemed obsessed with completing a random monster dungeon for the loot and the sheer exhilaration. As Mimiru expected they got in over their heads and was attacked by a powerful monster. Out of nowhere a Female Long Arm, that was at an incredibly high level, stepped in and destroyed the monster with one technique. Mimiru's partner, tried to keep pace with the strange Female Long Arm, but couldn't. He eventually ended up falling through the floor of the dungeon into the floor below. Mimiru and the Long Arm go back for him and arrive to see him get attacked by a large monster. The female Long Arm used a powerful attack that crystallizes her PC in exchange for causing a large, damaging explosion. Though, the Monster fell on top of her PC, causing it to become corrupted.

When Bear and Mimiru arrive at the Gott Statue, they find the crystallized statue of the Long Arm.


Mimiru in SIGN.


A solo player, Mimiru first encountered Tsukasa at the bottom of a dungeon. Though their first few meetings were rather unpleasant, Tsukasa returning Mimiru's friendly greetings with hostility. Mimiru found herself drawn to the strange Wavemaster. Eventually Tsukasa opened up to her, and the two became friends. Because of this, Tsukasa was able to reveal some of his secrets to Mimiru, including the nature of his Guardian, and the fact that he was unable to log out of The World. After hearing of Tsukasa's inability to log out, Mimiru became concerned and asked her friend Bear to investigate Tsukasa in the real world, drawing him into the mystery as well.

As one of the people closest to Tsukasa, Mimiru often found herself the target of other's searching for him. She frequently found herself at odds with the Crimson Knights, the PKer Sora, and the manipulative BT, and even Tsukasa himself over her relationship with him. Despite all these difficulties, Mimiru proved herself as a true friend, helping him when he was in trouble and listening to his problems. Because of this, Mimiru played an influential role in Tsukasa's return to reality.



Mimiru in Mac Anu.

While browsing the BBS, Kite notices a post from Bear, arranging to meet with Mimiru at "the dungeon where you met him". Traveling to the bottom of the dungeon, Kite runs into Mimiru in an encounter reminiscent of her first meeting with Tsukasa. She comments on his unique appearance, and gives him her sword as a token of their meeting. She then receives a message from Bear saying that the location of their meeting has changed, forcing her to leave the dungeon. Later in the games Mimiru can be found wandering around the various Root Towns and has numerous rare items available to trade.


In Unison, Mimiru, BT, and Subaru meet up in a bar in Carmina Gadelica. They are soon joined by numerous other characters including BlackRose, Tsukasa, Elk, and Mia. Mimiru accuses BlackRose of copying her character design, but BlackRose shrugs it off, saying that in the end she'll be the one called the legendary player, not Mimiru. Mimiru later travels to Net Slum with the others and joins a celebratory party being hosted by Helba.


Mimiru in .hack//GIFT.


During GIFT, Mimiru forms a team with a reluctant Tsukasa to try and reach Helba's Twilight Hot Springs first. After a long, drawn-out investigation they finally succeed in reaching the field. Mimiru and BlackRose race towards the springs in a foot race, which eventually turns into a bloody, insult-filled fight. Exhausted from the fight, she eventually reaches the springs and enjoys a bath, unaware that she's being peeped on by Sora, Bear, Crim, and Silver Knight.


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