"Darling, if you cheat on me, I'll hit you with the super-ultra-mega-atomic smash! Got it?"
— Milky Grunty —

The Milky Grunty is a Grunty that players are able to raise in the Sigma Server.

Stat Requirements

  • Size: 40
  • Body Odor: 5 to 25
  • Rebel: 5 to 25
  • Brutality: -5 to 15
  • Intelligence: 10 to 30
  • Purity: 0 to 20

Food Combinations

There are many different combinations but these are just a few suggestions.

1st Combination

  • 10 Golden Eggs
  • 6 Invisible Eggs
  • 5 Cordyceps
  • 3 La Pumpkins

Grunty Racing Stats

Grunty Speed Acceleration Turning
Milky Grunty Excellent Poor Poor


  • When summoned with the Grunty Flute, the Milky Grunty searches for Magic Portals.
  • A Milky Grunty is an icon for a memory card of .hack//OUTBREAK.
  • In XXXX, Mistral rides a Milky Grunty in the visual representation of Kite's idea of a peaceful future in The World, though it is unknown if Mistral actually owns one.
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