"I don't want to die!"
— Midori —

Midori Shinomura (下村みどり), usually referred to simply as Midori (みどり), is one of the main characters in .hack//CELL.



After the events of CELL, Midori started playing The World, and created a character which was coincidentally (or perhaps inevitably) identical to Midori.



Basic Info

Midori Shinomura comes from a strict displined family and is also a member of her school's kendo club and abit of an old fashioned girl.

She is a high-school girl suffering from an unidentified degenerative disease. In the course of treatment, a sample of her blood was used to create a "virtual cell" which was to be used to attempt to simulate her condition. As a result of Midori's strong desire to live, a miracle occurred, and the cell developed into the sentient virtual entity Midori.


Midori was describe as having shiny black hair, surprisingly tall, and "had a face that would make anyone turn twice" and her figure was said to be that of a refined young lady.



During the epilogue Midori acquires Dragonblossom the trademark weapon of Midori with the help of Kaho and Adamas, the weapon acknowledges her as the succesor of Midori and now carries it to this day.


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