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Character Profile
Metronome (Link).jpg
Name Metronom
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Schicksal PC
Guild Schicksal
Personal Data
Name Nomura Kaname
Age 19
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice 保志総一朗 (Souichirou Hoshi)
First Appearance .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

"Captain! Haven't I warned you about wandering off on your own?"
— Metronom —

Metronom (メトロノーム, Metoronōmu) is a member of Schicksal in The World R:X. He is known as "The Knife Wielder" and is ranked No. 2 in the guild.



Metronom appears as a human wearing glasses. His hair is a light-violet color and in braids. He wears a large green coat, and his pants have piercings. The sleeves on his coat are so long that they hide his main weapons, the ninja throwing knives.


Metronom is always serious, and often complains to Fluegel about his lack of caution. It's especially frustrating for Metronom because Fluegel tends not to pay attention and rarely responds to his nagging.


Basic Info



.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

When Schicksal's members meet up in a tavern, Orgel almost gets into a fight with Metronome, but is stopped by Cello.