The Memoir is a feature present in the .hack//GU games. The memoir stores the players progress in the main story in a similar fashion to a Journal. The Memoir has a title subject accompanied with a short description which is ordered chronologically.

List of Memoir Entries

Entry Number Entry Subject Entry Description
1 Save Shop Save your data at the Save Shop before starting.
2 First Adventure Target the Chaos Gate, a device used to move from the Root Town
3 Symbol Fragmants Open the treasure chest on the altars, and collect the three Symbol Fragmants.
4 Beast Temple The door to the Beast Temple opens when you collect all three Symbol Fragments. Check the map and head to the temple.
5 Eight Months Later You, the PKKer known as the Terror of Death, have been hunting for Tri-Edge, who PKed Shino.
6 Atoli You are stopped in Mac Anu by a member of the guild Moon Tree. You meet a female player known as Atoli.
7 Reunion with Ovan The mysterious Tri-Edge, who PKed Shino six months ago is said to reapper in Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.
8 Tri-Edge You attacked Tri-Edge in anger to no avail. Tri-Edge attacked you with a strange beam of light.
9 Level 1 You have lost all your data and returned to Level 1. Look for Ovan in Mac Anu.
10 Ovan?! Someone who looked like Ovan was in Mac Anu's Central District. He was headed towards the harbor.
11 Pursue Ovan Someone who looked like Ovan was in Mac Anu's Harbor District. He was headed towards the Alley in the Mercenary District.
12 Shortcut to the Chaos Gate Use nearby Warp Points as a shortcut to get to a Chaos Gate together with Silabus and Gaspard.
13 Bbeginners Tour Silabus has invited you to an area recommended for beginners. Head to Δ Peaceful Leading Freedom
14 Explore the Cave Solve the cave's traps and head for the Beast Temple. Find more Chim Spheres if you run out of them.
15 Keep Going Silabus and Gaspard are still treating you like a noob. Head for the Beast Temple in the deepest area.
16 About Tri-Edge You asked Silabus and Gaspard about Tri-Edge, but they knew nothing useful. Keep moving ahead for now.
17 Temple Treasure Open the treasure chests at the Beast Statue.
18 Atoli of Moon Tree After exchanging member addresses with Atoli, you get an e-mail. Log out and read your e-mail.
19 Invitation to a Quest Invited to a quest by Silabus and Gaspard. Form a party and go to the Quest Shop.
20 Let's go on a Quest! Head for the Chaos Gate and go to the quest-specific area, Δ Chasing Cupid's Phantom.
21 Quest Completed Quest was successfully completed. Log out and check your e-mail.
22 Advanture with Atoli Atoli invited you to an area. Form a party and head to Δ Submissive Tragedy's 1000 Oaks.
23 Favorite Area This is one of Atoli's favorite areas. Gather the Symbol Fragments to open the door to the Beast Temple.
24 Origins of Moon Tree Atoli speaks passionately about the origins of Moon Tree. Keep looking for the Symbol Fragments and head for the Beast Temple.
25 Strange Sound Atoli hears a sound that you cannot hear. Follow Atoli.
26 Out of the Frying Pan... What is this "Avatar" that Kuhn used? Check your e-mail since Kuhn may have sent you a message.
27 Invitation to Raven You have been invited to Kuhn's guild. He is waiting for you in the Mercenary District.
28 Cooperating with G.U. Although you said you would cooperate with G.U., you still do not know how to conjure an Avatar.
29 First Stage Over Walk around the town. Guild Member Shops are open for business in the Central District.
30 Gaspard's Request Help Gaspard by getting ten Asian Mangoes and ten Caramel Sauces. Take them to Silabus, who is managing the shop.
31 Mission Completed Shop Acorn's problems are now taken care of, but there is still no word from Kuhn. Maybe he has sent you an e-mail by now.
32 Two Teachers It is time to train to awaken your Avatar. Add Kuhn and Pi to your party and head for Δ Great Cursed In-laws.
33 Avatar Conjure Training You must awaken as an Epitaph-User or you will never be able to defeat Tri-Edge. Fight the boss in this field.
34 Avatar Conjure Failure Unfortunately, you were not able to conjure your Avatar. Check your e-mail and try not to let it get you down.
35 Guild Master You need to talk to the NPC admin. Head for Canard's @HOME.
36 Guild Master - First Task Get the Grunty Hat, Grunty Shoe, and Grunty Brush, and take them to Death Grunty.
37 Guild Master - Second Task Talk to Gaspard at the shop located in the Central District after placing the Weird Black Tea up for sale in the shop.
38 Task Complete You have sold the item and fulfilled Death Grunty's assignment. Head back to Canard's @HOME to report.
39 Accepted by Grunty You now have a Steam Bike! Check the desktop for the bonus Greeting Card as well.
40 Lumina Cloth Open You can now go to Lumina Cloth. Select Town Transport from the Chaos Gate Menu to head there.
41 Pursue Ovan You saw Ovan in Lumina Cloth. Pursue him towards the back alley.
42 Competing in the Arena You need a Harvest Cleric in your party to fight in the arena. Ccheck your e-mail to see if there are any options.
43 Atoli's Redemption Invite Atoli to your party and head to Δ Blurry Obsessive Slacker to discuss her fighting in the arena.
44 Enthusiastic Atoli Go with Atoli towards the Beast Temple and do not spoil her mood.
45 Origin of Atoli's Name Play along with Atoli and gather the Symbol Fragments to open to the door to the Beast Temple.
46 Face Each Other For a moment, you saw Shino in Atoli. Pull yourself toghet, and gather the Symbol Fragments to open the door to the Beast Temple.
47 Favorite Spot #15 You are tired of being jerked around by Atoli. Gather the Symbol Fragments and head to the Beast Temple.
48 Haseo at a Loss Your plan to invite Atoli to the arena has failed. Head back to the Canard's @HOME.
49 Finding a Member Silabus posted in the forums to search for a Harvest Cleric to join you in the arena. Check the post and your e-mail.
50 No Replies Maybe there is a reply to the post in the forums. Check your e-mail and the forums.
51 Check the Forum There was a response to the post in the forums. Check it out.
52 Volunteer A player named Sakura said she is interested. Go meet her in Δ Gallant Season's Drunkard.
53 Go see Sakura You are supposed to meet Sakura at the Beast Temple in this area.
54 Sakura is Bordeaux Bordeaux was waiting at the Temple, but Moon Tree prevented any troubles. Check your e-mail.
55 Report to Canard Atoli will now be your third party member for the arena. Head back to Canard's @HOME to report.
56 Go to the Arena Counter Invite Atoli and Silabus into your party and head to the Arena Counter.
57 First Arena Match It is your first arena match. Silabus and Atoli are both nervous. Work together and get through it.
58 Long Way to Go You must increase your arena rank further. There may be useful information in your e-mail or on the forums.
59 Project G.U.?! Someone posted about Tri-Edge in the forums. Head to Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.
60 Graphics Unbelievable It was a misleading post written by the CC Corp. graphic artist called Piros the 3rd. Head back to town.
61 Gaspard is Depressed You are concerned about Gaspard, but right now you must raise your arena rank. Go fight in the arena.
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