"I think I smell Death Grunty on you. *mellow*"
— Melo Grunty —

Melo Grunty (メロ★ランディ) is a Grunty raised by Zelkova. He manages Moon Tree's @Home on Delta Server, and sometimes appears in Quests. Melo Grunty has inherited Zelkova's laid back nature, and has a very naive view of the world. He enjoys sitting around dreaming about food, and believes that schools of canned fish swim in the sea. Due to his position at the entrance to Moon Tree, Melo Grunty talks to lots of different people, and frequently shares the stories he hears. Matsu in particular is fond of telling Melo Grunty ghost stories and urban legends, though Melo Grunty rarely understands them. Melo Grunty has a deep fondness for fish.


.hack//G.U. Games

Melo Grunty first appears in Mac Anu while Haseo is completing the Guild Master Certification Event. Melo Grunty gives Haseo one of the three treasures of the Grunty Race, Grunty's Shoes. Haseo later meets him at the entrance to Moon Tree's @Home where he remains from that point on.

When Moon Tree's @HOME is sealed off following Sakaki's attempted coup d'état, Melo Grunty is assigned as a guard to keep people from entering. Believing himself to be responsible for Moon Tree being sealed off, Melo Grunty eventually runs away from home, but with the help of the other Grunties, Haseo and Atoli are able to find him and cheer him up.

.hack//G.U. Returner

Melo Grunty made a cameo with Death Grunty at Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival.


  • Melo Grunty's sentence ender was "uru" in the Japanese version and is pronounced this way for both versions.
  • Sophora nicknamed Melo Grunty "Hippopotamus"
  • Melo Grunty's name sake is possibly an alternant spelling of the English word 'mellow', also seen as it's sentence ender. 'Mellow' refers to a calm, naive, or laid-back personality.