Medic Union (医療連盟癒し隊) is a special support guild in The World R:2. All members are required to be Tu Tribe Harvest Clerics. Styling themselves as a sentai, each member picks a color upon joining to be known as, though all of their members look identical, even in body colors. All members are also required to end their sentences with "~nyan!" in the Japanese version, and "meow" in the American version. The guild's mission is to roam the fields and dungeons of The World, giving support to all who need it. Aside from the one member running their Guild Shop, members of this guild can only be encountered in areas ("in action"), never in towns. Though Medic Union doesn't believe in the need for a guildmaster the title of Guildmaster is carried by "Heal Red" Seisaku, one of the founding members.

The Guild is based off of a now disbanded Guild named Paw Pad Squadron that Seisaku and Hideyo were both members of. The old guild was similar to the Medic Union in function, but fell apart due to conflicts between the Guildmaster Tabby, and the other members. Not willing to follow Tabby's goals, Seisaku and Hideyo left the Guild and formed the Medic Force to achieve the goal that the Paw Pad Squadron had failed to reach.

Notable Members

  • Heal Red - Seisaku (Guildmaster)
  • Heal Blue - Hideyo
  • Heal Black - BJ
  • Heal Thunder - Osamu
  • Heal Salmon - Guts


  • In Japanese, the full name of this guild is Medic Union Healing Force, but it was shortened for the American release.
  • Though Tu Tribes do favor the use of magic, The Tu Tribe requirement for membership may be a tribute to the character Phyllo, who Seisaku and Hideyo were close to when they formed the guild.
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