"It's impossible for someone to go into a coma over a silly game."
— Masaya Makino —

Masaya Makino (牧野雅弥, Makino Masaya) is a friend of Mai Minase and Tomonari Kasumi. He is a member of their school's gaming club with Tomonari. While he has a character in The World, the name of it is unknown.


Masaya has a character in The World, and regularly adventures with Sieg. However no information about his character is known.


Masaya's father is the supervising doctor for Tomonari Kasumi. Dr. Makino believes that whatever caused Mai and Kasumi to fall into a coma had nothing to do with The World. He also has a little sister named Eri, who plays the violin with Mai in their school's music club.



Masaya seems to particularly like Mai, showing this through his intent on protecting her from Junichiro Tokuoka and apparent disapproval of Tomonari professing his love to Mai. Despite his arguments against Mai getting involved with Tokuoka in learning more about what caused her and Tomonari's comas, Mai joins him anyway. Masaya does not join Tokuoka, instead staying home and looking after the still comatose Tomonari. When Tomonari finally awoke from his coma, Masaya was right at his side to welcome him back.

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