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"People keep thinking that I'm a monster and attack me... Not that I don't blame them..."
— Marlo —

Marlo (マーロー, Mārō) is a Blademaster that joins Kite in .hack//Mutation. He has a foul attitude, and speaks harshly.





Marlo wears black armor with a large skull for the breastplate, and spikes poking out from the shoulders, elbows, waist and knees. He has a skull-like helm on his head with two large horns on it. His PC is notably taller than most and is a demonic variant of Silver Knight's appearance. The symbol on his helmet is the same one that Wiseman and Kite wear.


Marlo has a rotten personality on the surface. He has a hard time showing gratitude, and rarely says anything positive. He was typically a loner until he joined up with Kite. He seems to like Kite due to Kite tolerating his personality.


Basic Info

Marlo is a 17 year old Junior in High School. He likes to keep his real life out of the game, and keep friendships from the game inside the game. Marlo refers to his life as:

"Go home after normal routines. Take a scalding hot shower. Drink ice cold beer on an empty stomach. This is the only moment I feel in touch with myself."
— Marlo —

He calls himself a lonely guy in real life; he can't be himself around other people, and he doesn't like becoming attached to anyone. This is probably the cause of his rotten virtual persona. He even admits that his rude game personality is more from him being a wannabe than actually being like that.



Kite first meets Marlo at Λ Stalking Silent Footstep because of a challenge Marlo made on the BBS. Marlo demanded that Kite come to a dungeon alone, but when they finally encountered each other, Marlo had forgotten why he made the challenge, so instead, he gave Kite his Member Address. Later during Outbreak he asks Kite to travel with him to hunt a rare monster known as the "Necrotic Eye" at Σ Spun Bloody Tragedy. Earlier he had faced it with another party, but they fled when the monster appeared, leaving him to fend for himself. Kite found a field where the monster was located and Marlo was able to get his revenge. Marlo's former party members reappeared to apologize. Since Kite had helped him out, Marlo was willing to forgive them and promised to join a party with them again. Later on, he invites Kite to Ω Collapsed Traveler's Fort and ends up giving him the items in the Gott Statue: several elemental power ups. He was present in the final battle against Corbenik.

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  • He first appears at Λ Stalking Silent Footstep feuding with Peace and Justice in .hack//Mutation.
  • His starting weapon is the Guillotine, a level 11 weapon.
  • According to .hack//Archives_03 LIGHT EDITION his character model stands at 185 CM like Helba and Orca
  • Marlo is seen along with everyone else during the battle with Morganna, but he is the only character who didn't appear in the ending credits cutscene afterwards.
  • Marlo's element is Darkness.
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