Character Profile
Name Makoto
Gender Male
Race Server Robo
Class N/A
Guild N/A
First Appearance Beyond the World
Name Makoto-san
Age Unknown
Gender Male

Makoto (まこと) is a Server-Robo given to Sora by her Father.


Makoto is a light yellow server robot with a plain expresion. It´s capable of limited movement and has a screen on his belly area. It has ears, which he can move. While Sora is connected to The World, he can float besides her.


Makoto was the only tecnology-related birthday present Sora´s father ever gave her. It got it´s namesake from Sora´s chilldhood dog.

At the begining of the story he is questioned by her owner as to wheather "The World was fun", to which he replied downloading the demo version of the game after arriving at the conclution that she should prove ir herself.

During the final battle, David uploads onto it the program to allow Sora to move while the game is freezed so that she can get to Aura.


  • His namesake comes from a dog Sora had when she was a child.