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Character Profile
Name Magi
Gender Male
Class Wavemaster
Media Information
Japanese Voice Asako Shirakura
English Voice Amanda Winn Lee
First Appearance .hack//Legend of the Twilight
Name Asako Saito
Age ??
Gender Female

"Even if it kills me... I will not let you interfere with my mistress."
— Magi —

Magi (マギ) is the subordinate of Kamui, who is the leader of the Cobalt Knights. She is faithful to Kamui and wishes to remain in her service.


Note: Although her PC is male, Magi's persona is female and will be referred to as such.


Magi is a male Wavemaster similar in design to Reki, the assistant of system administrator Balmung. Magi wears glasses and has a triangular tattoo below the right eye. Magi wears a robe like many Wavemasters, but carries a book instead of a rod.


At first glance, Magi appears to be a shy character, but she shows more confidence in battle. Magi is capable of an authoritative role when it comes to duty, and even displays confidence (borderlining on arrogance) when fighting in the name of Kamui and the Cobalt Knights.



Basic Info

Magi's player is a woman named Asako Saito (斉藤 麻子) that works for CC Corp as the assistant of debug administrator Saki Shibayama.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight


Magi's role in the anime mostly consisted of assisting Kamui wherever she went. Although, near the end of the series, she follows Kamui to Δ Dying Destroyer's Grave where Morti is discovered and begins to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, the entire Cobalt Knight brigade all became comatose, including Magi. The only Cobalt Knight to make it out unscathed was Kamui.

Magi in the Legend of the Twilight anime.


Magi's role in the manga is the same as in the anime. Near the end of the series, Magi stayed behind in Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground to fight Ouka and Kazu in order to allow Kamui to pursue Shugo and his party. However, even when ordered to stop, she and Ouka decided to continue fighting for fun, using their full strength. The two are then shown collapsed at the end covered in bandages and scars with a smile on each other's face.


  • Reki has a triangular tattoo below his left eye, opposite of Magi's which has one below its right eye.
  • Magi and Reki were not originally in the drafts.
  • Magi's name likely comes from Magi the Black, a character in the Epitaph of the Twilight.