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The World Information

In The World R:2 Mac Anu returns as the Root Town of Delta Server, though it is now a much larger city than it was before. Many @HOMEs are located here, as well as many Lost Grounds. There is an Alchemy District and Mercenary District.

The World R:2 Storyline

In the storyline of The World R:2, Mac Anu is the seat of power for the Arvakv faction. Additionally, Anu is the goddess of the stars, replacing Krake in The World's Pantheon.


Root Towns

The World:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dun Loireag (Θ) · Carmina Gadelica (Λ) · Fort Ouph (Σ) · Lia Fail (Ω) · Naval Monte

The World R:2:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dol Dona (Θ) · Lumina Cloth (Ω) · Breg Epona (Σ)

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