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Mac Anu

The World Information
Aqua City
Son of a Goddess
Level Range
"Mac Anu means 'The Son of a Goddess.' There are waterways throughout the town. The sounds and the scenery will bring you peace."
CC Corp

Mac Anu is a Root Town located in the Delta Server of The World. The dungeons and fields located in it are the lowest level in the game. Versions of this town exist in The World, The World R:2, and The World R:X

The World

Mac Anu

Mac Anu is Delta Server's Root Town. It is a large city with numerous canals running throughout, boats and gondolas allow access to all areas of the city. The two key landmarks in the city are the Chaos Gate which is located in a large plaza, and the city's clocktower, where event notices are often posted. As the newbie town, it is the only Root Town that lacks a Grunty Ranch. Though one seems to have been added to the town in The World's Expansion Pack.

Due to the large amount of people here, it is usually used as a gathering place for most of the large events that take place inside The World. The Crimson Knights used Mac Anu as their base. Mireille, Ouka, and Albireo have all maintained hideouts here at some point or another.

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Notable Areas

This is a list of notable areas found in the Δ Server:

  • Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground
  • Bursting Passed Over Aquafield
  • Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar


  • It is the only Root Town that continues to exist after the events in the mythology and in the real world.

Root Towns

The World:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dun Loireag (Θ) · Carmina Gadelica (Λ) · Fort Ouph (Σ) · Lia Fail (Ω) · Naval Monte

The World R:2:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dol Dona (Θ) · Lumina Cloth (Ω) · Breg Epona (Σ)