Lumina Cloth

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Vibrant Life
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Lumina Cloth is unqiue server for PVP battles. Within the game it contains three famous battlefields and is the @HOME of Icolo, a guild consisting of Arena Champions, or Emperors. Here the only PKing that can occur is within the Arena Hall, a tall building housing in the center of the the root town containing a special combat areas known as Palaces. Lumina Cloth is frequented by players of all levels, and is an ideal place to obtain rare items through trade.

The World R:2 Storyline

In the storyline of The World R:2, Lumina Cloth is the seat of power for the Teutates the Pursuers, a mix of humans and beast who were in search of pure power, distinct from good and evil.


See Arena.

The World R:X



  • Lumina Cloth's name could have originated from the Latin "lumina" meaning vibrant, and the Greek "clotho" meaning life. In all likelihood Bandai combined various old languages - in this case Latin and Greek - into an appealing name for the Root Towns.

Root Towns

The World:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dun Loireag (Θ) · Carmina Gadelica (Λ) · Fort Ouph (Σ) · Lia Fail (Ω) · Naval Monte

The World R:2:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dol Dona (Θ) · Lumina Cloth (Ω) · Breg Epona (Σ)