Character Profile
Name Luke
Gender Male
Class Wavemaster
Media Information
Japanese Voice NA
English Voice NA
First Appearance .hack//Legend of the Twilight
Name ?
Age ?
Gender ?

"The easier the better, that's what I say."
— Luke —

Luke (ルック) is a male Wavemaster who appeared in an extra chapter of the .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga.



Luke takes the form of a male Wavemaster with a design similar to Tsukasa and Elk, except he has a wing like tattoo on his left cheek and, most notably, his hacked wings.


Luke is an item hacker. Realizing that other players were interested in people who had rare items he learned how to hack his own, allowing him to make any item he wanted. Enjoying the attention he received he continued to hack items until he met Mireille.


Basic Info

Nothing is known about Luke's player.


Luke showing off his wings.

.hack//Rare Hunter

While showing off his wings in Mac Anu Luke is suddenly tackled by Mireille who proceeds to ramble on about the rarity of his wings. Interested in her he decides to give her the wings as a gift, but is surprised when she gives them back after he reveals they're a hacked item. She declares that a true Rare Item Hunter only goes after legit items, and that she would never knowingly accept a hacked item. Intrigued, Luke follows her as she goes item hunting, and helps her fight through a dungeon to get the rare item at the bottom. After reaching the bottom and getting the item Mireille thanks Luke for his help, Luke realizes that this was the first time he'd ever actually had real fun playing The World. Encouraged by Mireille he deletes all of his hacked items including his wings and decides to become a true Rare Item Hunter himself.