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The Lost Grounds (喪失の地, Sōshitsu no chi (ロストグラウンド, Rosuto Guraundo)) are special areas within The World that have existed since Fragment. This title is first used in The World R:2. Lost Grounds seem to be synonymous with Sacred Zones (聖地, Seichi), areas based on the story of the Epitaph of the Twilight. They may or may not be related to the Legendary Lands, areas related to the story of The World. One of the Lost Grounds, The Creator's Room, is also known to be one of Harald's Rooms. The Japanese festival-themed area Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival matches the "Hidden Forbidden" naming pattern most Lost Grounds share, but it is unknown if this area is also a Lost Ground. Piros the 3rd hypothetically cites that a certain graphics designer designed some, if not all of the lost grounds as his reason to protect their graphics from Tri-Edge's signs.

Lost Grounds



  • In .hack//G.U., the music that plays within the Lost Grounds is in a fictional language unique to the series; however, the background music in Hulle Granz Cathedral is German.
  • Dark Morrigu Barrow Wall (Θ Returning Invincible Huge Being) is the only Lost Ground that is accessible from a Chaos Gate using a phrase not starting with Hidden Forbidden.
  • World of Sin Ran Hati, also known as the Forest of Pain, is the only Lost Ground that is intended to contain non-boss battles by CyberConnect Corporation.
  • Attempting to use a Fairy Orb in these areas in the G.U. games responds with, "This item cannot be used him," instead of just "This item cannot be used," or "This item cannot be used right now."
  • Lost Grounds has two forms, the first one is landscapes, buildings with limited space and the majority without enemies. The second form are white / empty spaces where they show scenes or have peculiar objects of real life.
  • The areas created for the most developed Guilds are not Lost Grounds, since they were created by CC Corp, but their image and nature are somewhat like Lost Grounds.