The Warrior Grunty is a very rare Grunty that was raised in the Delta Server, but it is unknown if it could be raised in all Servers. The Warrior Grunty cannot be raised in the .hack//Games.


In The World, one of the many goals to complete is to raise a Warrior Grunty. If you payed attention in the .hack//Games, you'd notice that the Grunties' shadows have horns and wings.

In the story of The World, there was a great Grunty Warrior with wings and horns that sacrificed himself for the Grunties and now the Grunties' shadows have horns and wings to be symbolic. This shows that every Grunty has the power to become a great warrior.

The Grunty Warrior is hard to make because there are many variables involved. Like the exact food combination, how you treat it and other things like that. In Legend of the Twilight, Hotaru's Grunty manages to grow into the great Grunty Warrior with the help of Zefie and for the first time since The World was released, the Grunty Warrior is finally born.


  • The only known Warrior Grunty created was the one found in Legend of the Twilight.
  • In the Tokyopop version of Legend of the Twilight, the Warrior Grunty was translated as "Longhorn".
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