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.hack//Link O.S.T. is the official soundtrack of the game sharing its name. Most of the music was produced by .hack series composer Chikayo Fukuda (LieN). Themes included from various past .hack series remain credited to their respective artists.

Disc One

Track Title Time
1 タイトル (Title) 2:00
2 宿命 (Fate) 1:59
3 カイトVSフリューゲル (Kite VS Fluegel) 1:36
4 記憶の海 第一楽章 (Sea of Memories First Movement) 1:56
5 あたしに従いなさい! (Follow My Orders!) 1:26
6 アカシャ盤 (Akashic Records) 2:32
7 Obsession  4:32
8 シックザールのアジト (Shicksal Hideout) 2:02
9 トロンメル (Trommel) 1:14
10 時代の向こうへ (Beyond the Time) 3:51
11 その名は楚良 (The Name is Sora) 2:20
12 AIKA 2:06
13 時の階段 (Stairs of Time) 4:19
14 ガイスト (Geist) 2:11
15 記憶の海 第二楽章 (Sea of Memories Second Movement) 1:54
16 edge 3:31
17 ポザオネ (Posaune) 1:46
18 記憶の海 第三楽章 (Sea of Memories Third Movement) 1:55
19 Silly-Go-Round 4:54
20 オーヴァン (Ovan) 2:14
21 コシュタ・バウア戦場跡 (Coite ∙ Bodher Battlefield Remains) 2:25
22 オルゲル (Orgel) 1:32
23 クラリネッテ (Klarinette) 1:26
24 勇者なんかじゃない (I'm not a Hero) 3:21
25 The hero of Gear 3:44
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Disc Two

Track Title Time
1 記憶の海 最終楽章 (Sea of Memories Final Movement) 1:37
2 死闘の果てに (At the End of a Deadly Struggle) 2:40
3 死の恐怖 (The Terror of Death) 1:41
4 Deepest Memories 3:48
5 アトリ (Atoli) 2:10
6 グリーマ・レーヴ大聖堂 (Grima Raef Cathedral) 2:13
7 真実の行方 (The Whereabouts of Truth) 4:53
8 チェロ (Cello) 1:32
9 Liar's Smile 4:17
10 Howling Death 2:33
11 優しくキミは微笑んでいた (You Smiled Kindly) 5:16
12 ジーニアス (Genius) 1:33
13 仮面の裏 (Behind the Mask) 1:34
14 彩花 (Ayaka) 1:09
15 闇に染まる女王 (The Queen Dyed in Darkness) 1:54
16 突入 (Rush) 1:19
17 ナミダの想い (Tears of Feelings) 4:06
18 終焉の女王 (Queen of the End) 4:07
19 輝く君へ (To the Shining You) 4:25
20 カールのテーマ (Carl's Theme) 2:58
21 ぴろし (Piros) 1:49
22 鈍き駿足のドーベルマン (Dull Swift Doberman) 3:28
23 bonus1 0:58
24 bonus2 3:09

Disc Three

Disc 3 is part of the Limited Edition release of this soundtrack and contains thirteen wallpapers in two different resolutions: 1600x1200 and 1920x1200. It also includes forty tracks featuring numerous voice clips of characters.



German English Translation
Lah, AIKA.
Lah, AIKA.
All Macht zerfällt zu Tropfen unter dem Tempel von Arche Köln.
Lah, AIKA.
Lah, AIKA.
Power- now all to droplets turned in the temple of Arche Koeln.

Grima Raef Cathedral

German English Translation
Der See von Alba brodelt.
Der große Baum von Licht fällt.
Wesen ohne Schatten,
ihr' Welt zerfällt zu nichts.
Der Mann mit Schatten,
auf der Suche nach dem Abenddrachen,
kehrt nicht für immer zurück...
Alba's lake boils.
Light's great tree doth fall.
Returns to nothing,
this world of shadowless ones.
Never to return, the shadowed one,
Who quests for the Twilight Dragon.

The Queen Tainted by the Darkness, The Queen of Demise

German English Translation
All Macht zerfällt zu Tropfen unter dem Tempel von Arche Köln.
Power- now all to droplets turned in the temple of Arche Koeln.