.hack//Link is a game for Sony PSP. The game has over 130 returning characters and 33 recruitable partners along with one playable character, Tokio. The story is presented through manga-style visuals.


Players take control of Tokio Kuryuu, a second year junior-high student. He had a normal life until a mysterious transfer student, Saika Amagi, arrived and used a black copy of The World R:X to transport Tokio directly into the game. Tokio finds himself in the central plaza of Mac Anu where the Twilight Knights have been frozen to stone. Schicksal's Fluegel finds Tokio and attempts to freeze him as well, but Kite interferes. Kite gets frozen into stone while protecting Tokio, but manages to release a wild last-minute Data Drain to drive away Fluegel. Kite tells Tokio to become a hero, thus beginning Tokio's journey.


The game was released in Japan on March 4, 2010 after it was pushed from February. The game retails for ¥6,279 and comes with a .hack//historical Disc (DVD) and a recap of the game series and anime. The special edition of the game ¥10,479 comes with the .hack//Link Quarantine Pack including the historical disc, .hack//re-birth (Blu-ray) and two artbooks Epitaph: Old Testament and New Testament. Re-birth offers the first episode for each of the four anime series, as well as .hack//GIFT, hack//G.U. Returner, and a new recording of the "legendary" .hack//Radio. Old Testament, will disclose all of the mysteries of .hack leading up until now, while Epitaph: New Testament will reveal the future of the series. The first set of pre-orders for either version will receive a special bonus DVD, featuring a crossover between .hack//G.U.'s Haseo and Asbel Lhant of the upcoming game Tales of Graces. Both characters are voiced by seiyuu Takahiro Sakurai. A demo of the game is available at the Japanese PlayStation Store and official website. The soundtrack to .hack//LINK was announced as well, with music old and new to the .hack universe.



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