.hack//Liminality (ドットハックリミナリティ) is a 4-episode OVA that takes place during the .hack//Games, with the fourth and final episode taking place at the exact time Kite's party fights Morganna.


Unlike most of the other .hack series, Liminality takes place in the real world rather than the game. In the .hack timeline, it takes place at the same time as the games: between SIGN and LotT (manga).

The first episode begins while Kite and BlackRose meet up with Meg in .hack//INFECTION. The second episode takes place during Outbreak on the same day Kite fights Cubia for the second time. The third episode takes place in mid December 2010, roughly near the end of Outbreak. The final episode takes place December 24, 2010, during Kite's battle against Morganna.


The title characters of Liminality, Mai Minase, Yuki Aihara, and Kyoko Tohno

Liminality follows former CC Corp employee Junichiro Tokuoka and his own "party" on their quest to find what links the mysterious comas with The World. Each of the first three episodes focuses more on their title characters while the fourth episode has them all working together.


  1. In the Case of Mai Minase
  2. In the Case of Yuki Aihara
  3. In the Case of Kyoko Tohno
  4. Trismegistus


Liminality was released along with the .hack//Games, so it was released from June 20, 2002 to April 15, 2003 in Japan (February 10, 2003 to January 14, 2004 in the US). In the United States, Liminality is only available as a pack-in for the .hack//Games, so those who don't own the .hack//Games and want to watch the series must buy the games along with the Liminality discs. It was later re-released in Japan without the games as part of .hack//Integration, and the games were later re-released (In PlayStation 2 The Best form) without Liminality. In the UK, Liminality was released with the SIGN boxsets, with 2 episodes of Liminality on each boxset.


  • Liminality is a term used in anthropology to refer to the transition period between two states. For instance a student who has completed all of the requirements for graduation, but not yet received his diploma is in a state of Liminality. In regards to .hack, the term is used to refer to the grey area between the game world, and the real world. As the characters who play within The World, don't belong entirely to either one, existing in a sort of grey zone between the two worlds.


Role English VA Japanese VA Korean VA
Mai Minase Michelle Ruff Sanae Kobayashi Yeo Minjung
Junichiro Tokuoka Jamieson K. Price Masashi Ebara Oh Insung
Yuki Aihara Sherry Lynn Saeko Chiba Jung Misook
Kyoko Tohno Jane Lanier Aya Hisakawa Lee Sun
Ichiro Sato / Bith the Black Michael Reisz Toshihiko Seki Um Sanghyun
Masaya Makino Kirk Baily Soichiro Hoshi Kim Youngsun
Tomonari Kasumi Anthony Pulcini Takahiko Sakurai Kim Jang
Harald Hoerwick Crispin Freeman Takumi Yamazaki Jung Seungwook
Kaoru Asaba Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Yumi Toma Jung Seungwook
Dark Suit Richard Plantagenet Koichi Sakaguchi
Dr. Makino Barry Stigler Toru Okawa
Mai's Mother Leslie Hicks Ai Sato
Kiyoka Philece Sampler Minako Hon
Kie Dyanne DiRosario Chinatsu Kasahara
Eri LaGloria Scott Aki Daito
Narumi Kim Guest Sayuri Kubo
Miho Annie Heller Emi Shinohara
Yuki's Brother Crispin Freeman Hiroshi Watari
Kyoko's Father Kevin Brief Nobuake Sekine
Kyoko's Mother Karen Strassman Nanaho Katsuragi
Old Lady (Bith's Messenger) Catherine Battistone Kujira
Hotel Receptionist Susan Marque Kaori Matsuura
Guard A Chris Smith Kan Tanaka
Guard B Skip Stellrecht Koichi Sakaguchi
Guard C Richard Cansino Keiji Matsuo
Guard D Doug Stone Takashi Furuya