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An example of the audio drama's video.

Let's Meet Offline (オフラインで会いましょう) is a 20-minute audio drama involving the players of Shugo, Rena, Mireille, Hotaru, Ouka, and Sanjuro meeting in the real world. Due to being a primarily audio in media, it's video is simply a cityscape imposed with the faces of the characters speaking and subtitles.


In the drama, it is discovered that Mirei is a four year old genius, with Ouka being her tutor. Ouka herself is a student attending Tokyo University. Sanjuro is from America, while Hotaru is found out to actually be a boy. The plot involves Hotaru, who visits Japan with Sanjuro, getting lost among the crowds of people in Tokyo. Hotaru finds an internet cafe where she/he makes contact with Shugo and asks for help. The four of them then search through Tokyo, looking for Hotaru.


  • This audio drama can't be considered part of the same storyline as the manga. In the manga at the Tanabata festival it is recognized by Shugo that Hotaru is a foreigner. But in the audio drama, Shugo has not realized this fact. However a similar plot is repeated for the manga in the 2012 Japanese re-release of the series.