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"What's this? Oh they were Men's. Neigh. I was hoping it was the cute neighbor girls. Neigh."
— Kuhn's Grunty —

Kuhn's grunty was created along with the guild Canard by Kuhn, Silabus and Gaspard. It has an incredibly leacherous personality and gropes it's masters before realizing they were men. Kuhn find's this attribute irritating, even more so for what it implies about him.

Silabus and Gaspard wanted to name it "Porno Grunty" or "Pervy Grunty", but Kuhn immediately rejects the idea. The final name is unknown.

Though Kuhn's Grunty only appears in Gaspard's Go, Go The World, it is mentioned later in .hack Diary that it and Kuhn woud fight over any and every female visitor. It would give away items every time it met a girl and even had a complete collection of female PC's Member Address

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