Character Profile
Name N/A
Gender N/A
Class N/A
Media Information
Japanese Voice NA
English Voice NA
First Appearance .hack//Another Birth
Name ???? Kobayakawa
Age 16-18
Gender Female

"Natori! You've gone too far!"
— Kobayakawa —

Kobayakawa is a character from .hack//Another Birth and a member of Akira Hayami's tennis club. She grew jealous when Akira was chosen to be a starting member on the team as a freshmen, and along with Natori and Igarashi began bullying her and her friends. After Akira and her friend Risa confronted her about it, Kobayakawa realized what she'd been doing was wrong, and agreed to stop.


  • Not enough in-text hints or distinctions are given to determine which of the pictured characters is Igarashi and which is Kobayakawa.