Almost all information regarding this class comes from third-party materials, and

Ouka, a class-changed Knuckle Master (now a Werewolf)

cannot be verified within the series.

Knuckle Master (拳闘士, Kentōshi lit. Fist Fighter) is a class within The World that specializes in unarmed, hand-to-hand combat, equipping gloves and knuckles as weapons. Though they are not present in SIGN or the Games, the class was added to the game sometime during the 4-year gap between the Twilight Incident and Legend of the Twilight. The only known player of this class was Ouka, an elite player whose fighting style has earned her the nickname "The Divine Fist". It is later replaced by the Tribal Grappler class in The World R:2.

Knuckle Master Skills

  • Fist Opera (拳舞)
  • Karate Chop (空手斬)
  • Black Aura (黒気)
  • Medical Dragon (医龍)


Knuckle Master emblem

Knuckle Master (拳聖 - ナックルマスター) is a Master Class in The World FORCE:ERA and is a progression of the Advanced Class Monk.


  • Knuckle Masters have no official English name, so on this site "Knuckle Master", the translation given in a third-party-produced tabletop role-playing game found in .hack//The World, is used. They are also sometimes known as Fighters, Kick Boxers, or Brawlers.


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