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Character Profile
Name Kite
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Twin Sword
Guild Link:Twilight Knights
First Appearance .hack//Link
Name Sora Yuuki
Age 14
Gender Female

Kite (Sora) 「カイト (そら)」 is the main protagonist of .hack//Beyond The World. She was first introduced in .hack//Link where she appeared as a guest character.



Kite (Sora) looks like Kite, but with subtle alterations such as gray gloves, a short sleeved shirt and a sleeveless undershirt. Kite (Sora) is accompanied by a Server Robo called Makoto-san.


In battle, she seems to be a klutz, as she will, quite literally, stumble and trip over her own feet and land on her face. (This is due to her being brand new to "The World") She does seem to be a bit too energetic; during her Cross Rengeki she will rush straight through Tokio Kuryuu and proceed to beat up the enemy in a comedic fashion.


Basic Info

Sora Yuuki (有城そら)


Sora has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is often seen in her school Uniform but she is occasionally seen wearing more casual clothes through out the movie. ".hack//Beyond The World.


Sora is like any girl her age when troubled she doesn't talk to a stuffed animal but to her server robo named Makoto who gives her advice and insight on many subjects. She also seems to have a rebellious nature in which her mother says she most likely inherited from her grandfather. However Sora overall is a good girl she helps her mother with chores she goes to school like any good kid here age should.



.hack// The Movie

Sora lives in a very conservative household with her mom and her grandfather (who happens to be playing The World under the guise of Take!). It was only recently that she was given by her father a mobile device and a server robot she named Makoto. She usually spends her days alternating between school and home until Tanaka introduces her to The World by giving her a pair of visors. Upon registration, Makoto provides Sora with an avatar almost similar in appearance to Kite from the first.hack games (whether or not Makoto chose the avatar under the influence of Aura is a subject of debate). Sora's first day in the game becomes an exciting one as Aura appears out of nowhere, together with CyberConnect's Sophia anti-viruses to combat and contain the Virus Bugs which have been increasing in numbers lately. Upon their defeat, Aura bestows Sora with a seed which will be used to eradicate the new threat.


In the new game, Kite(Sora) and her friends return after a year of .hack//The Movie and are facing other similar players from the two previous games and encounter the former PK, Haseo.



"I'm counting on you Makoto-san."
— Sora —

Character Profile
Name Sora - Sora Yuuki
Gender Male - Female (Game - Reality)
Occupation Twin Sword
Ultimate Skill Final Rush
Guild N/A
First Appearance .hack//Beyond The World

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