"Let's enjoy ourselves."
— Kite —

Kite (カイト: Kaito) is a character in .hack//Versus. His character model is designed from legendary hero and .hacker from A.D. 2010. Offline this version of the character is The Main Character of .hack//Versus and the various users of Versus: The World. [1]


Basic Info


Versus: The World Players
Kakeru Tanaka

Kakeru Tanaka(田中翔) is a very serious person and prefers playing in a secluded spot under a tree near a riverbank because he hates going home whenever his parents are around. Tanaka is responsible for introducing Sora to The World. Tanaka becomes a Lost One, but later it is discovered that he possesses abilities unique among players of Versus The World. He was able to resist being Real digitalized by the game, exhibiting powers somewhat opposite to a Doubleware, while displaying the same crest. When the chip containing Aura is lost in America, Tanaka has dreams that lead him to it. The full extent of his inherent abilites are unknown.



Kite is a Twin Blade with red clothes, large hat and blue hair that spikes outwards. He wears long leather gloves and a textured shirt with long sleeves covered by a small vest with a scarf over it. His Wave Symbols resemble two triangle shaped tattoos and coupled with illegal wave attibutes designs coiled around his waist and legs. During the game Kite uses a set of familiar dual blades called Amateur Blades. In addition Kite still possesses the Twilight Bracelet and also displays an array of abilities similar to counterpart and title Azure Flame Kite. The katakana for his class list his avatar as a Twin User.


Kite is a very heroic and straightforward character. His cheerful personality has won him many friends inside The World. Though polite to strangers he shows a rather witty sense of humor to those closer to him. He still seems to have kept most if not all of his personality from the previous revisions of The World.





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