"To flee because of weakness is a sin."
— King Grunty —

King Grunty (キング★ランディ) is a Grunty modeled after Taihaku. It manages the @Home of Icolo in Lumina Cloth. Like Taihaku, King Grunty values personal strength above all else. It insists that almost anything is possible for a man or woman to accomplish if they have enough strength. When Melo Grunty runs away following Sakaki's attempted coup d'état of Moon Tree; King Grunty volunteers to help look for it, stating that the way Melo Grunty has run away from reality is "disgraceful". It assists Haseo by disguising his human scent with Grunty scent.


  • King Grunty is the only Grunty in .hack//GU Rebirth that didn't appear in the Grunty Item quest.
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