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Character Profile
Name Kaochin
Gender Female
Class Heavy Axeman
Media Information
Japanese Voice Sara Nakayama
English Voice Brianne Siddall
First Appearance .hack//SIGN
Name Tsukio Kouda
Age 19-21
Gender Male

"But I've been playing Kaochin for a long time now, I hate it when people say I copied the look!"
— Kaochin —

Kaochin (カオちん) is a female Heavy Axeman in The World, and later appears as a Lord Partizan in The World R:2.



Kaochin has a PC similar to Subaru, except she has golden hair, a purple dress and a snake-like question mark tattoo on her forehead. She gets very annoyed when people say she copied Subaru's character design since she claims to have been using it before Subaru.


Kaochin is a very bitter person. Though she was using her character model long before the Crimson Knights existed she is still considered a Subaru imitator. The constant heckling she received because of this instilled a deep hatred of both the Crimson Knights and Subaru inside of her. She is almost obsessive with getting revenge for this.


Basic Info

Tsukio Kouda (香田月男) is a young male.



Kaochin appears in the episode Recollection. Kaochin encountered Subaru in a field shortly after the Crimson Knights were disbanded. Pretending to be sympathetic towards her she asked Subaru to join up with her. When Subaru refused Kaochin grew angry. She decided that she would humiliate Subaru, then post a log of it on the BBS so that other players could see how weak Subaru actually was without the Knights. When Subaru stood her ground and refused to give in to her threats Kaochin attacked her in a blind rage. Leaving a badly beaten Subaru behind she left, not able to get the log she'd desired.

.hack//G.U. Games

See Kaotin


  • In the original draft of the screenplay, Kaochin's name was "Nyal-ko", one of Michiko Yokote's cats.
  • In Japanese her name literally means unique face.